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Assign thieving skill bonus at 1st level to the other thief kits

HooHoo Member Posts: 128

I'd wanted to assign several thieving skill points as a bonus at 1st level to the other thief kits as Bounty Hunter receives +15% skill points bonus to Set Trap.

To do so, which table should be modified? I tried to find related table using DLTCEP, but failed...

Any help would be really appreciated!


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  • HooHoo Member Posts: 128

    Unless there's a more direct way introduced by the EEs, you need to

    1) Find the .spl effect by inspecting the bounty hunter's CLABxx.2da file
    2) open the .spl in Near Infinity or DLTCEP, export a copy of it to the override folder with a new name
    3) open your new .spl in NI or DLTCEP and change its function (from a bonus for traps to a bonus for something else)
    4) add the new .spl to whichever other kit's CLAB file you want (with an "AP_" in front and without the ".spl" - just look at how other abilities are applied. This would be AP_, not GA_.)

    Thank you. I'll try to do it!

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