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#11629 [All] Playing solo should not cause the game to freeze during Poquelin's final cutscene

infapi00infapi00 Member Posts: 8
edited February 2015 in IWD:EE Bugs (v1.4.0)
1. Load the attached saved game.
2. There is a portal to Jerrod's Stone. Enter on the portal.
3. A dialogue with Poquelin starts.
4. No matter what you say, the dialogue finishes with Poquelin throwing a spell that opens the stone.


Poquelin throws the spell. There are some lights on the stone. After that nothing happens, and it seems that you get stuck on the cutscene, as you can't open the game menus, save your game, load, etc. Anyway, the game doesn't get frozen. For example, the standing animation of Poquelin works. At that point your only options is Alt+Tab in order to close the game.


According to some some youtube videos and walkthroughs [1], after the spell, Everard appears and close the portal, and then Poquelin attacks you.


Tested on a Dell m4800, with a Firepro AMD graphics card.

The party is just one character sorcerer (it was a solo run since the beginning).

No mods used.


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