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Any ideas on what D&D game Beamdog may work on next? :)

I'd hope for:
Icewind Dale 2
and maybe Pool of Radiance 2 (the Atari one)

I like how they had quasi 3rd ed rules which for me are way better than the very limited 2nd ed rules, as I like playing stealthily and allowing melee classes more fun abilities than just "smack! smack!"
Despite the fact that I favour playing wizards I find just mere hit point damage as being all melee characters could do *innately* as incredibly tedious, and so wrong (combat is very fluid, 4th ed over complicated in ways but melee classes should be able to MOVE enemies in combat as it did).
And 1st/2nd ed stealth rules *suck* :( Flat percentage, though DMs had optional and very poor rule to adjust for enemy Hit Dice, was just rubbish (and hey I'm a DM and used to adore playing 1st/2nd ed...until their limitations bugged me to hell.)
Also, "feats" and skill sets are vastly better ways to do things than "proficiencies".

and these games would need and deserve major re-workings/improvements IMHO to make them into more modern graphics:
~Eye of the Beholder (which got me into computers, not just "gaming" thanks to my dear old Amiga)
~The Dark Sun games, VERY under appreciated classics, IMHO!

And well of course: Planescape Torment ;)

I'm sure some folks would love to see the eerie Ravenloft games re-done as well :)

A *PROPER* Neverwinter Nights 3 would rock of course but "sword Coast Legends" will kind of fill that gap a bit?



  • ArchaosArchaos Member Posts: 1,421
    Icewind Dale 2 or Planescape: Torment.

    IwD2 actually suffered from a rushed development cycle. They had a single year to make it.
    (Heart of Winter was released in 2001, Icewind Dale II in 2002).

    And it shows, since it lacks 3D acceleration I think, as well as some other things were rushed.

    Icewind Dale II is also the Infinity Engine game which makes 3E classes fit.
    A ton of prestige classes could be implemented as well as other improvements or 3E spells.

    It also has the awful journal system of IWD and BG1 which puts every new information into a single page, making quest organization a pain.

    With PS:T-EE, they could implement a ton of hardware improvements and clean up the interface, since it looks as bad and unintuitive as the original BG1.
    As well as restoring any unfinished quests/NPCs etc.

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