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Baldur's Gate Tabletop

I have never seen a translation of the video Game into Pin and Paper. Always wanted to do that myself but as it would detail me going back though the game and playing it again (some 200+ hours) and taking notes I have not. Would be a rather crazy campaign, if I recall they got sicking powerfull in the end. Least my dude did, but he was a fighter/mage.

Did not have Vivionca with my party at the time we met Drizzit. Seems that her and the Palidian had an issue outside the cave of that abnormally large red dragon in BG2. The fight resulted in said palidian going all bad ass on the drow chunking her. Then I went all bad ass (I'm thinking Slayer as well) and whooped the Palidian's sorry ass. Had to reload and find new allies at that point, so I think I went and got Jaherida back. I need the stupid Palidian for some reason I don't know why so his self righteous ass got to stay.

Latter when we found Drizzit and fought with him in the Vampire Lair, one of the Vampires charmed Minc (Just not one of the worlds deepest thinkers) and he was standing next to the famed drow.

Now folks I know he is supposed to be the greatest swords men in the Realms, but he was no match for our mighty Minc. "BUT KICKING FOR GOODNESS!" Drow chunks everywhere when Minc got done.

We took out his crew (Cati, Brewner etc) wile fending off the Vampires. I felt so bad that I had to reload and do the hole mission over again, this time protecting Minc from doing the same thing. :joy:



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