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Steam user looking for a mod...

theonlypeejtheonlypeej Member Posts: 44
Any great BG:EE mods out there that work well with steam?.....if that even matters?...just looking for thoughts.


  • HeindrichHeindrich Member, Moderator Posts: 2,959
    edited April 2015
    A mod is either compatible with BG:EE or it's not. It should not matter whether you play on Steam. I personally play BG:EE on Steam and BG2:EE via Beamdog. My mods work for both. (Though I do use a very limited selection of them).

    As for suggestions. I'd really just highlight BG1NPC and SCS.

    BG1NPC adds BG2-style mini-quests and NPC banters for your companions. It is really well written and very well implemented. It fit so well with the core game that I sometimes forgot that it was mod content.

    SCS is good if you wanted a serious tactical challenge. This is not recommended for beginners, or anyone not interested in metagaming/powergaming.

    I'll link an old thread of mine for further suggestions that others have offered me in the past.

  • theonlypeejtheonlypeej Member Posts: 44
    Thanks...Heindrich... keep em coming !!

  • BelanosBelanos Member Posts: 968
    edited April 2015
    BG2 Tweaks is a good mod to have as well. It has a number of components you can add, some of which make the game a bit easier to work with. It can be found at the Gibberlings Three site. It will work with any of the EE games as well, even Icewind Dale.

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