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Some questions before purchasing the android versions of BG:EE 1 and 2

How much in total is all of the DLC? If it's not terribly expensive I may just buy it all at once for both games.
Are the new controls easy to get used to? I have the editions of the games but I would love to have them for my tablet so I can enjoy them away from the PC. Are any new NPCs included that aren't DLC that you can play around with to see if you would like to purchase the others?

That's all of my questions. Thanks for humoring me, I've loved the series for quite a while and I hope Beamdog gets to do Icewind Dale 2 next and eventually Planescape Torment. I'd love to have all the classic IE games on my tablet.


  • lunarlunar Member Posts: 3,409
    edited April 2015
    I have ipad version and I think it is similiar to Android, so here are my thoughts:
    -controls are simple and easy to get used to. Feels very natural to me. Didn't have a long getting used to period.
    -with dlcs the game's price becomes the same as the full pc version, IIRC
    -each game on tablets has one new npc you can try, and other new npcs are dlc-available. And they are worth it.
    -dlc portraits and soundsets may not be worth the price, you can find a lot of better portraits and soundsets on the net and they should be easy to use on Android.

  • Fiendish_WarriorFiendish_Warrior Member Posts: 309
    Lunar is correct and I'm speaking with a hefty bit of Android experience.

    I can't remember how much the total cost is because I have a collector's fetish and immediately purchased everything (all DLC and all three games).

    The controls are excellent though and very intuitive. I had zero problems with the learning curve and actually had greater difficulty not getting slain by a wolf in the beginning. Much of this is indexed to the quality of your device though. I ran it on two tablets, one on the Sony Xperia Tab Z and the other on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S. In both cases, the game ran flawlessly, although in the former there was a little lag when a lot started happening on screen, especially when spells were cast with gaseous effects. That's something to keep in mind before assuming that the problem is the game. There has been the occasional crash too, but in my experience, it's been very rare.

    I believe for BG1, we already have Rasaad available. The purchases are for Dorn and Neera (as well as sounds and portraits). You can check out Rasaad, but I've found that all of the characters add a good bit of plot, versatility, and gameplay.

    As long as customizations take advantage of the "Override" folder (which you have to create), you can use them. I haven't tested many except for the experience cap removers and I can confirm that they work on Android. You can also add custom portraits and sounds in their respective folders, like Lunar said, and so those purchases aren't as necessary. Truth be told, I mostly did those to support the developer in hopes that they'll have the motivation and resources to continue these ports and upgrades.

  • Fiendish_WarriorFiendish_Warrior Member Posts: 309
    For clarity, I should add that "Override" does not require root. I haven't found a way to incorporate other mods short of having root access though, but I also haven't had the urge yet to experiment much with it.

  • DanterDanter Member Posts: 45
    Thanks. I'll probably hold off on DLC for now then, but I will most likely buy it in the future. :)

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0
    edited April 2015
    The user and all related content has been deleted.

  • Fiendish_WarriorFiendish_Warrior Member Posts: 309
    I haven't had any of the clicking issues on my tablets, but I agree with most of the rest of your post.

    Some meaningless qualifications:

    (1) You can add a mouse (e.g. I have started experimenting with the S Mouse), but it doesn't have nearly the same amount of functionality as the PC. You can't, like subtledoctor said, hold and select a portion of your party members. It instead moves the screen around.

    (2) You can also use a keyboard, but again, it lacks in a lot of functionality. It's basically there for quickly selecting a party member (numbers correspond with the order of your party, 1-6), pausing the game (spacebar), spot checking (tab), and menu functions that I didn't care to memorize (I think, for example, "M" opens the map and "E" opens the equipment screen). Most of which doesn't have much purpose unless you're docking your tablet and don't feel like reaching over to tap the relevant icon or moving the pointer to the icon.

    The purposes of both are *very* limited.

  • YupImMadBroYupImMadBro Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 347
    This is why I only solo on my iPhone version of BGs

  • Fiendish_WarriorFiendish_Warrior Member Posts: 309
    If I could change anything, I would make it easier to incorporate mods on Android, either by using override or somehow making them available as DLC. I just don't feel like rooting at the moment.

  • hisplshispls Member Posts: 166
    I have BG1 on my Note 3 and a Samsung tablet. IMO it's a little small on the phone if you don't know the game pretty well, but I thought it played wonderfully on the tablet. I never used hotkeys too much and I found that the touchscreen was often easier than using a mouse to play.

  • proccoprocco Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 915
    I have to say playing on my iPad is my preferred way of playing. Sure, there are some things that aren't implemented on tablets, as @subtledoctor mentioned, but it feels really natural, as if the games were designed with the touch screen in mind. I'd love to get a glove that looks like the hand cursor from the original game to wear while I'm playing...just because.

  • The user and all related content has been deleted.

  • DanterDanter Member Posts: 45
    Well I bought them both. But now I cannot install them. I'm a little new to tablets and I didn't really understand that you couldn't just download directly to the SD card (Which I find to be a bit stupid) I've used the android debugging bridge to change my default storage to SD card but it still doesn't seem to want to download to the SD card even though I'm told it should be doing that now by default. So yeah right now I have two apps I can't use because I'm a bit of a newbie. Live and learn I suppose. I don't suppose any of you know what I'm doing wrong do you? Or are these games just programmed to only go into internal memory? If so that's really disappointing considering how large they are and how limited space most tablets seem to have. In my defense the Google play store did tell me my Tablet was compatible with the games.

  • Fiendish_WarriorFiendish_Warrior Member Posts: 309
    It's something Android has been doing since 4.x. That's been one of the biggest gripes but it's yet to change. There might be a mod, but in all likelihood, you'd have to root. If you're comfortable with that, I'd recommend hopping on over to XDA to see if there's anything in the forums for your tablet. If not, a question about a mod in the Q&A subforum would be a good place to start.

  • DanterDanter Member Posts: 45
    What is XDA? Thank you for the advice by the way, you so far are the only person who has been kind enough to offer me any.

  • Fiendish_WarriorFiendish_Warrior Member Posts: 309
    XDA Developers Forum ( The ads can be pretty obtrusive, but they go away after you register. They have a forum for almost every Android device and it's a great place to go if you want to learn your way around your device better in a more technical way. While it's primarily for developers, most of the time they're helpful as long as the topic hasn't come up before and is somewhat non-simple. For example, you probably don't want to ask how to access your settings, but I think a question about moving apps / games to the SD card would be appropriate. It might require root access though and so that's something you'd need to be prepared to do or prepared to learn how to do.

  • DanterDanter Member Posts: 45
    Thanks. I have to give it some thought. The tablet was a gift and I would hate to brick it. Though I am pretty confident in my ability to follow directions. I'll jut have to think about it for a few days.

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