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Looking for group (RP)

Kaisc006Kaisc006 Member Posts: 25
edited April 2015 in Multiplayer
Looking for an RP group to start either BG1 or BG2. I'm available Tuesday - Thursday 10 pm EST. We would probably use EE Keeper only for stats, everyone starts with 85, fighters with Str get 18/88.

Depending on when you meet, I also wouldn't mind joining an ongoing game and would use EE Keeper to get my xp up to current party level.


  • hlundruphlundrup Member Posts: 3
    Interested, best times for me are before noon and after dark, pst. Don't have ee keeper but happy with rolls in the 80s. I prefer to rp good, doing minimal kill except undead and planars. Flexible on class, but favorite rogues, clerics, and disabler mages. Lots of experience with both games. Cheers!

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