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Now that I finally got them to install on my tablet. What class makes a good playthrough for EE?

I'm wanting to play through both BG1 and 2 with the same character and I'm wondering what class to play. I had kind of had Monk in mind but figured that it would be difficult starting out without a good weapon. What are some good suggestions? I know Monks can be good with throwing knives, and in BG1 it's all about missile weapons but throwing knives are harder to buy. Any suggestions?



  • MhamzaMhamza Member Posts: 228
    It depends on what you're looking for. Monks are weak in BG1 but come SoA and ToB they are ridiculously powerful. Some skeletons use throwing knives while any merchant that sells weaponry probably has throwing knives in his stock.

  • DanterDanter Member Posts: 45
    Well I guess the question becomes, what races can be monks? I kind of want to try playing a half-orc.

  • MhamzaMhamza Member Posts: 228
    Sadly it's only humans, although I'm fairly certain one can create a half-orc monk with EEKeeper.

  • thespacethespace Member Posts: 1,039
    I rather enjoyed running a stalker (ranger kit) through the whole series.

  • DreadKhanDreadKhan Member Posts: 3,859
    After Candlekeep, why buy throwing knives? There is a respawning location you can find that drops an endless supply of them. They give little XP, but they drop lots of knives. The real annoyance of throwing knives is that they have weight iirc, so carrying the heaps you'll want might not be feasible depending on your party. A big plus for daggers in BG1 though for monks is that if you have stealth enough to do it, an opening stab with the Dagger of Venom you can purchase early is a very good tactic for many enemies. But monks are not too great in BG1, unless you take a kit IMHO.

    That said, a Stalker is less fun in BG1 than 2 (armour restriction is a bit brutal), but they are still good if you remember they aren't meant to do frontline duty at low levels. So consider yourself warned, they can still backstab of course, just remember they can use ranged too. A bow is very good in BG1 as you seem aware.

    The most 'fun' IMHO would be a Barbarian or Berserker. Barbarians are the most fun IMHO if you don't max strength out... going from 15-17 str up to 19-21 is a HUGE jump, and makes your rages really powerful tools. At 18/00, Barbarian Rage doesn't have as much pizzazz as Berserker Rage I'd say, which has more useful immunities. BUT! A 15 str Barbarian iirc can use a Longbow, if not composite, and with his high speed, I'd use him to kite minor enemies, and Hulk Smash tough enemies in melee. If you go higher strength, you get access to the composite longbow, which admittedly is better for damage.

    Another fun build is a low level dual out Specialist Mage, dualed to Fighter. You're not as overpowered maybe as some F/M builds, but you can use wands, scrolls, cast a few utility spells (casting Knock can let your thief do something other than pump lockpicking, handy for Montaron especially), and even use mage only gear. You can wear armour all the time even, and just use wands. Your HP will be a bit lower, but wands and scrolls will make you more powerful than most pure fighters.

  • reedmilfamreedmilfam Member Posts: 2,808
    You're going to get a gazillion recommendations, and it really depends on what you see as 'fun'. Early on, the warrior classes are very, very strong. I have to play a lot more carefully as a monk (somebody already told you they have challenges in the first game), but it's made me rely a lot more on NPC's for magic/buffing/support.

    Cavalier is really fun (for me) in BG, because they're immune to a lot of the things you'll be affected by in the game. Berserkers have the same advantages (when in rage) and get some of the strong fighter perks.

    Pick one, and have fun. Or be like me. Play to about level three and have a case of 'should have, could have, would have' and start again with a different character. So long as you're enjoying it, kudos to you!

  • GreenWarlockGreenWarlock Member Posts: 1,354
    Pretty much anything you pick is going to work, but some will be harder than others first time around. Which aspect of playing an RPG gives you the most satisfaction/enjoyment? If we know that, we can recommend a great character for you.

    Monks, as you mention, tend to be quite weak for the first game, which really stops just one level short of where they start to mature. Also, they have to be human, but don't get the human perk of dual-classing.

    You mention an interest in half-orcs, and throwing stuff. You could get some milage from a half-orc axe hurler, starting with 19 STR and CON, and 18 DEX. This guy is a monster, but throwing axes weigh a lot so it can be a frustrating journey. That said, STR damage bonus on thrown weapons rocks, and for the same weapon skills you can use regular axe in melee too. You might want to play a heroic, goodly half-orc if you want one of the best throwing axe in the game though, early in BG2. There are other magical throwing axes around though, so it is not the end of the world to miss out.

    Regardless of what you pick for the main PC though, there is a sufficient variety of NPCs to fill essentially any gap, often in multiple ways, and this is especially true for the EEs if you tend towards playing evil characters, where NPCs were a little lighter on the ground before. So the main point is that you won't go wrong picking whatever seems most fun to you, as there will always be NPCs to pick up after you - but it is more fun if the PC is not relegated to a mere support cast member in their own tale ;)

  • WowoWowo Member Posts: 2,058
    Gnome Fighter/Illusionist is best and most fun.

  • hisplshispls Member Posts: 166
    Pick a mage or monk for a rewarding trirllogy. By the time you get him to godlike power in ToB you'll feel like you really earned it after keeping him alive through BG1.

    Otherwise there's no "impossible" class/race combo so just have fun with whatever suits your fancy.

  • DanterDanter Member Posts: 45
    Well I'm going to have to put my EE playthrough on hold sadly. Unless I give in next month and drop 40 dollars on Steam and by the PC versions too. Although the game seems to run very smoothly on my tablet it crashes after about 15 minutes of play. No big deal really, I am saving up for a better tablet and I am looking at the troubleshooting forum to see if I can get my problem fixed. I think I'll give the axe throwing half orc a try in BGTuTu on my PC since I do own both classic games from GOG already. Thanks for the suggestions guys.

  • reedmilfamreedmilfam Member Posts: 2,808
    Well, BG takes a while to play through, so you could break the purchase into two pieces. Get BG:EE and play through - this will take a while. Add BG2 when you feel up to it. Win-win!

    I didn't get it through Steam, though; I went direct and downloaded the installation without the client. Worked like a charm.

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