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The Girl Gang of the Sword Coast

Just for a little bit of background info -- this isn't any kind of challenge playthrough, and I'm running only one mod: IWDification.

My CHARNAME is a Berserker to be dualled into Druid named Yehudit. I don't feel like I'm particularly cheating running Autoroller, so I took a bath while it ran and got a roll of 98 with 18/77 strength. Her starting stats are:

Strength: 18/77
Dexterity: 17
Constitution: 18
Intelligence: 10 (I don't like dropping stats below 9 or 10)
Wisdom: 18
Charisma: 17

Two-Handed Style ++
Quarterstaff ++

It might feel a little exploitative, but I feel as though Yehudit's unique heritage can merit that sort of advantage.

This is largely an RP sort of playthrough wherein I will chronicle Yehudit's daily adventures through the whole trilogy with her all-girl gang.

Here is Yehudit's bio going into BGEE:
The circumstances of Yehudit's birth are unknown to her outside of the fact that her mother passed away during
childbirth. She showed signs early of great physical prowess, but she also took quickly to the teachings of her foster father, the sage Gorion, who taught her great wisdom. She always strives to establish a deeper sense of parity in the world, which for her means standing up for the oppressed, downtrodden, and outcast.

Following her hurried departure from Candlekeep, she seeks to surround herself with individuals who are of a lesser social status. These invariably end up being women (despite the relative gender parity in Faerun), and Yehudit's adventuring group becomes quickly known as the "girl gang of the Sword Coast". May their exploits embolden other women, drow, and outcast mages to take up the mantle of adventuring!



  • AeginidaeAeginidae Member Posts: 13
    No photos this time because I was lazy and also excited about playing and also I've never done this before.

    Yehudit finally traveled to Beregost, where she met a young Wild Mage, Neera, who was being accosted by Thayan wizards. Yehudit had read about their methods and ethos at Candlekeep, and even before then, she was raised on tales of their needless cruelty. Yehudit had been taught by Gorion to stand up for the victim of all forms of oppression and for the downtrodden, and she was determined to live this ideal, law and conventional morality both be damned. She slew the Red Wizards and heard Neera's story about being pursued by them as a potential victim for examination and experimentation. Yehudit gratefully accepted the company of Neera both for her adept skills as a mage and for her cause.

    Yehudit and the group spent a short time in Beregost, selling various goods they had acquired, before heading to the temple to the east to have her magical items identified. She gave her powerful ring Evermemory to Neera and set out eastward to pursue rumors of basilisks. Upon arriving in the field and seeing petrified adventurers, Viconia, Neera, and Jahiera alike exhorted Yehudit not to go any further -- the three who were in tune with magic were acutely aware of exactly what sort of danger awaited them. However, an unexpected challenger arrived with a bold claim that she could face any man in single combat and win. Khalid, being better armed than her, bested her in short order, after which she offered to join Yehudit's group. With some reservations, considering her aggressive and violent nature, she agreed to have Shar-Teel join.

    It was around this time that Jaheira and Khalid's pestering for the group to travel to Nashkel began to truly grate on Yehudit's nerves. She did not see how she could possibly be of any use or have any connection to this iron crisis. So, rather than traveling southward, they went to the west, to the coastline. Yehudit had dreams of visiting the ocean, but she did not anticipate the danger and adventure. She met a thief named Safana who told her a tale of great treasure hidden in a nearby cave. Eager for exploration, Yehudit agreed. Jaheira firmly spoke up, however, informing Yehudit that if she had a shred of Gorion's responsibility, they would have been in Nashkel a week. With what seemed to be an ultimatum before her, Yehudit left Jaheira and Khalid to pursue her own path, though not without guilt.

    That guilt was soon forgotten as the adventure to the cave began. They took a slow pace, enjoying safe stretches of beach as resting places between fights with magic-using Sirines. With her berserk rage, Yehudit ignored their charms as the rest of the group defeated them. The group grew in experience and cohesiveness.

    It was during one of their rests on the beach that Shar-Teel divulged two things to Yehudit: firstly, her dislike and distrust of men came from a violent childhood and unfortunate dealings with the Flaming Fist; and secondly, she had long aspired to learn the art of stealth. The story of her past, as vague as Shar-Teel had left it, caused Yehudit to grow attached to her, and she took her to Safana to teach her the ways of the thief. Shar-Teel abandoned longswords in favor of the dagger and became a master of stealth in short order with the aid of her strength as a disciplined fighter. They finally reached the cave, and through stealth and disarming traps, they reached the treasure in the cave with only one very dangerous fight with a flesh golem.

    A relatively experienced and cohesive group now established, Yehudit journeyed around, killing the apostate cleric Bassilius and taking the bounty on his head (as well as a very nice hammer for Viconia), exploring the ruins of Ulcaster and Firewine, travelling northward to a rumored Ankheg nest and finding treasures and a not totally unexpected corpse, helping a priestess of the Bitch Queen Umberlee and visiting the town of Ulgoth's Beard to purchase magical items, including a powerfully enchanted quarterstaff. They did not always take a path that would be considered morally righteous, but rather the one that felt right to them (although sometimes Shar-Teel's anger would get ahead of her -- she stabbed a merchant at the Nashkel carnival later on who tried to sell her suspicious potions.)

    With the experience they had gained on these journeys, they traveled again to the field where dwelt the basilisks, and, with the help of a spell of protection from Neera, Yehudit made short work of the beasts as well as a strange mage who lived among them. They also met a curious and arrogant group of adventurers who mocked them for their ragged clothing. This angered Shar-Teel, Viconia, and Safana alike so much that they charged for the group. Thankfully, Neera had various disabling magics close at hand, so the battle was over in short order.

    After having a suit of Ankheg plate armor made at Beregost, the group finally made its way southward toward Nashkel.

    There, they had various diversions before reaching the mine -- meeting and refusing an ostensibly Thayan mage named Edwin who was hunting down a "witch", presumably of Rashemen; and journeying to the Gnoll Stronghold at which this witch, named Dynaheir, was held and saving her to return her to her companion Minsc.

    The party solved the mystery of the Nashkel Mines in short order. Kobolds fell in droves before their powerful blades and the half-orc Mulahey fell to Shar-Teel and Viconia as Yehudit, Safana, and Neera held off reinforcements. Exhausted, they finally left the mines with new information about the iron shortage and about their next destination in the north. Finally, they knew a reason for the heavily armed bandits in the Peldvale region!

  • AeginidaeAeginidae Member Posts: 13
    In terms of gaming, I'm setting myself a few limitations: I can't reload for HP at levels, I can't reload failed spell learning, and my resting is limited. I will only rest if it is nighttime or we just really need it outdoors, it will be kept to an absolute minimum in dungeon-type areas and only in a spot we would consider defensible (the assumption is that there is at least one party member keeping watch at all times). In heavily fortified enemy areas like Cloakwood Mines or in any other place where it just doesn't seem to make sense, we won't rest at all. This also means no resting right before major encounters unless the group has a reason to know it's happening (e.g. Shar-Teel scouted ahead and saw heavily armed forces in the path). Also no auto-pause ever. I think it's more fun this way and it keeps it immersive for me.

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