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Cannot open hud

Hi I am playing on the iphone 4 and I cannot open the hud to show my party members. I know that the red button to open it is but when I click on it nothing happens. Is there any other work around to this? Or something I am not doing right?


  • lunarlunar Member Posts: 3,409
    edited April 2015
    Known issue.

    One poster there has found a solution:

    'I found a fix for this problem! If you activate the zoom function of the accessibility menu (double tap with 3 fingers) you can zoom in on the bottom right corner and easily maximize the menus! Hope this helps until the fix comes.'

    Either ^ this, or a reload to a state where you did not click on the hide sidebar button.

    Otherwise, you need to have a pc version of the game, transfer your save file to pc version via ifunbox, load the save on pc, bring sidebars there back to normal, save, transfer the new save game back to iphone/ipad via ifunbox. Yeah it is as tedious as it sounds.

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