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add a Script Action and Trigger for the OriginalClass fields

subtledoctorsubtledoctor Member Posts: 11,466
edited May 2015 in Feature Requests
I would like to request that a new Script Action be created and added to ACTION.IDS that can manipulate the OriginalClass fields that exist at bits 3 through 8 of offset 0x0010 of the .CRE file's extended header.

TobEx adds a Script Trigger to TRIGGER.IDS that can *read* the value of these bits; I am not at my computer so I'm not sure if that trigger has been included in the EE engine. But in any event TobEx does not have an Action to *set* those values.

Without knowing much about how Script Actions actually work, at a programming level, I will (over-)confidently assert that this shouldn't be too hard to do. Bit 9 of that offset determines Fallen Ranger status, and bit 10 determines Fallen Paladin status, and there are already Script Actions in the game to toggle both of them.

If you do this for me, in return I will make a mod that will blow your mind. :)


EDIT - I'm just now realizing that the EEs do not even include the TobEx *trigger* for the OriginalClass value. So, I can write a script that can detect whether a character is (Class,FIGHTER_CLERIC), but there's no way for the script to determine whether the character is a multiclass or a dual-class. So, action AND trigger, please! :)

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  • subtledoctorsubtledoctor Member Posts: 11,466
    edited May 2015
    To clarify a bit, this doesn't necessarily have to be a script action. What I'm looking for is a script action or a spell effect opcode, or some other *in-game* method that can be applied to convert a character from multiclass to dual-class.

    It can already be done by editing .CRE/.CHR files with Near Infinity, but there's currently no way to do it *while playing.*

    Remember: mindblowingly awesome mod on the way, totally unlike anything out there right now, if this becomes possible. :smile:

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