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Rory's Story Cubes

Fiendish_WarriorFiendish_Warrior Member Posts: 309
Anyone ever play around with these?

My buddy sent me a text yesterday with the image attached and said, "Story Cube this":


I thought to myself, "Challenge accepted!" and what follows in the post below is the story my messed up mind concocted. Enjoy!

(and feel free to roll your own or try to interpret the one posted - there are some apps for it too)



  • Fiendish_WarriorFiendish_Warrior Member Posts: 309
    A locksmith called Tom Cruise to ask him if he would be interested in starring in his play about Little Red Riding Hood from the perspective of the wolf. The play was supposed to be a comical tragedy about the misunderstood wolf's true intentions.

    First, the wolf was simply a vagabond who hadn't shaved in a while. Ironically, his last name really was "Wölffe" and so calling him "Wolf" wouldn't have been inappropriate. Second, he was only trying to redirect Little Red Riding Hood away from a construction site.

    The play culminates when Wolf said that while he didn't know her grandmother personally, he knew *of* her and was pretty sure that she didn't have to go over the river and through the woods, but could instead go over the river and down the bank until she reached Miller's Crossing. From there, she simply needed to follow Pendleton Way until she came upon a lonely cottage at the edge of town, about tangential with the woods.

    Unfortunately, construction workers don't take kindly to little girls following big hairy men who are not construction workers themselves, and so naturally, when one of them spotted this, all hell broke loose. They alerted the town's authorities immediately, and by the time the story had reached the constable's ears, it had transmuted into concerns that a pedophile wolf with a taste for human flesh had trapped Little Red Riding Hood at her grandmother's house.

    The sun was shining that day after an early rainfall and a rainbow had appeared. When the townspeople came upon grandmother's house, they opened fire with flaming arrows and no warning. Grandmother, seeing that there was no remedy for this hysteria, gave Wolf her clothing, scheming that he might be able to slip out unnoticed if he looked like a little old lady. Wolf, desperate, put on grandmother's cap, gown, and glasses and exited through the only entrance, the front door.

    You can imagine the horror on the townpeople's faces, seeing not only a pedophile wolf, but one with transvestite tendencies and who possibly ate Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother. Without hesitation, they fired upon him, nailing him to the side of the engulfed house with 57 arrows, body too disfigured to recognize as man or animal.

    Days passed, the town folk horrified by the incident that occurred but elated that they brought swift justice to what they thought was not man nor beast but only demon. The bodies of Little Red Riding Hood and grandmother were never found, possibly consumed by the flames of the house. However, they say every spring after the first rainfall, the town holds a festival not too dissimilar from what we call Halloween, encouraging everyone to dress up like transgendered beasts in order to never forget that day. And when a rainbow appears, they take it as a sign from God that justice has been served. To this day, the story we hear is the one that the townspeople used to convince themselves that they acted rightly.

    Unfortunately, Tom Cruise was sleeping, as he just wrapped up three amazing movies simultaneously and was hence crossing over the Pacific to head back home. Even gods must rest.

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