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Is It Possible to Reset Misc NPCs from Hostile to Neutral?

In the Copper Coronet, I must have accidentally killed a tavern patron while battling the slavers there. Now, about one-third of the tavern patrons have turned hostile on me, including the merchant named Joluv. Also, the priest in the temple on the roof of the Copper Coronet will not talk to me any more.

My initial response was to simply run my party members past the hostile people, in order to avoid further non-intended kills. (I also used EEKeeper to restore my reputation, which had plunged.) I then moved on in the game, and am currently about to enter the Drow City.

However, I will eventually be returning to the surface (and the Copper Coronet), so I'd like to find out if there is way using either EEKeeper, CLUAConsole cheat codes, etc. to reset the hostile people to neutral status. (Especially Joluv, plus the priest on the roof, so I can return Yoshimo's heart there.)

Any helpful suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


  • FrancoisFrancois Member Posts: 452
    edited June 2015
    One way is to cast charm or domination on the hostile NPC. Then you can initiate conversation using the talk command.
  • YannirYannir Member Posts: 595
    And you can return Yoshimo's Heart to Waukeen's Promenade, there's a temple of Ilmater there as well.
  • BlucherBlucher Member Posts: 110
    As you say you are willing to use EEKeeper, CLUAConsole, etc. then a custom script might be easiest.
    1) Open your game with NearInfinity
    2) Pick any of the player scripts and export code under a different name, like "" or something
    3) Refresh the game (F5) and open up your new script
    - delete everything in that script
    - paste the following:
    RESPONSE #100
    - compile and save
    4) Open up the game and change any/all characters' script(s) to that new one and have them walk around the Copper Coronet until all the NPCs are neutral again.

    That /should/ work and you can keep the script around in case it happens again.
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