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TobEx: 41 (#37)

DanBoulosDanBoulos Member Posts: 146
edited July 2012 in Fixed
Current Behaviour:

Effects #33-37 “Save Vs Breath/Death/Poly/Spells/Wands Modifier”: causes net values below -20 to wrap to 20

Expected Behaviour:

Effects #33-37 “Save Vs Breath/Death/Poly/Spells/Wands Modifier”: does not cause wrapping over of values


A64_41(#37): Clamp Save VS Spell values

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  • BhryaenBhryaen Member Posts: 2,874
    Confirmed fixed... ? For sure they're not wrapping up or down, but it's not clear the system is working...

    I'm a little confused as to the intent here given the quirks of 2E DnD rules. Does this mean that a bonus of +20 to saves translates into -20 in the actual save score and used to result in wrapping up to 20 again? I've addressed both preemptively.

    To make things simpler I'll make the same post for each attribute. I created two items using Near Infinity which give a -19 and a +19 bonus to saves in all Saves categories and what shows up in the Saves of the Character Record is a change, respectively, from:

    14 - Paralyze/Poison/Death
    16 - Rod/Staff/Wand
    15 - Petrify/Polymorph
    17 - Breath Weapons
    17 - Spells


    20(+6) - Paralyze/Poison/Death
    20(+4) - Rod/Staff/Wand
    20(+5) - Petrify/Polymorph
    20(+3) - Breath Weapons
    20(+3) - Spells


    -5(-19) - Paralyze/Poison/Death
    -3(-19) - Rod/Staff/Wand
    -4(-19) - Petrify/Polymorph
    -2(-19) - Breath Weapons
    -2(-19) - Spells

    In the case of the last one (a +19 bonus factoring negatively by -19), should the saves become a default 1 when they go below a 1 (as they become a default 20 when they exceed 20?) or should the save value indeed become a negative value.

  • IgneousIgneous Member Posts: 368
    @Bhryaen - Saves are, indeed, allowed to go negative. In fact, it's a good idea to get them negative during BG2.

    @DanBoulos - Confirmed, fixed. To test, I created a Gnomish Cleric/Illusionist and boosted the shorty save bonus values in SAVENCG.2DA. Using this method, I was able to confirm that the shorty bonuses, as well as normal save decreases at level-up, do not improve past 0.

    I then followed in Bhryaen's footsteps and created a few absurdly powerful save bonus-granting items to assist in reaching the -20 threshold. I used these items to push my character's saves to values between -17 and -19, and then applied subsequent spells — such as Blur, Spirit Armour, Aid, etc. — in a more fine-grained manner to test the cap. All saves capped at -20 on the character sheet, and I wasn't able to produce a net save bonus greater than -21.

    I then tested each saving throw in turn: save vs. death with carrion crawlers; save vs. breath with Oils of Fiery Burning; save vs. wands with a Wand of Fire; save vs. spells with Fireballs; and save vs. polymorph with polymorphing bolts. I observed no wrapping behaviour. All saves were made.

  • IgneousIgneous Member Posts: 368
    Question, if I may. Is that -21 cap on the net save bonus intended? I don't mean the net saving throw, but the maximum save bonus allowed, which appears in brackets on the character sheet.

    I was just wondering because in BG2, there is no such cap, to my knowledge. (Just double-checked and I was able to quickly and simply produce a net -33 save bonus. I'm not sure just how high it goes.) With a cap of -21, though, I can see issues arising in BG2, where accrued save bonuses can become truly exorbitant.

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