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Custom weapon specialization table for a new kit?

AdsoAdso Member Posts: 122
edited July 2015 in General Modding
So I have an idea for a kit (TBA) that really needs the PnP specialization table (not the IE version) as part of it's balance. This would be from the "Players Option: Combat & Tactics" for 2nd ed book which AFAIK is what introduced Grandmastery etc beyond just "specialized" to AD&D.

Can one create custom effects from a player adding pips in a weapon, while having that kit (or the IE) try to use the effects the current table uses?



  • wolpakwolpak Member Posts: 390
    No, but you can script it to kinda make it work.

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0
    edited July 2015
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  • AdsoAdso Member Posts: 122
    edited July 2015
    Thank you two for the responses, I started light/vague to not get things too confused. Ok so for example, specialization in bows in the C&T 2nd ed supplement goes like this:

    2 pips/specialized: +1 to hit, +2 dmg for 6ft to 30 ft (point blank), APR is then 2/1:lvl 1-6, 3/1:lvl 7-12, 4/1:lvl13+, this APR increase takes into account the extra 1/2 attack a warrior class gets at lvl 7 & 13.

    3 pips Mastery: no sooner than lvl 5, point blank bonus increases to +3/+3 & +1 to hit for >30’

    4 pips High Mastery: no sooner than lvl 6, crit on 16 or better roll and if made successful roll by 5pt margin

    5 pips: extra 1/2 attack in addition to the increase from specialization.

    (note the above is just for short/long, non-crossbows, different for melee)

    As you can see, the PnP table is similar, but quite different. Changing the game's Specialization table to reflect PnP would be great, but which gets into possible contract conflicts, people flipping out, etc. So the next thought is either adding this as an alternate table that this kit would look at OR restricting the kit to one pip in short/longbows, but then manually adding in the bennies as above at the appropriate level, ie lvl 6, 9, 12 for example. I'm thinking the latter may be the easiest way.

  • wolpakwolpak Member Posts: 390
    You cannot add any columns or additional functionality to the 2das. Thus, Longbows, like all other weapons, can only get the standard +hit, +dam + speed and it is universal. So, if you change it, it changes for all proficiencies.

    So, you either have to add it to the kit on a per level basis, or script it so that the game checks how many proficiency points you have in longbow and then does whatever it is you want it to do. Now, I ain't no crazy genius, but you would probably have to script in baldur.bcs to check each player's proficiency in longbow and each value (6 players, 6 values = 36 checks).

    However, given my experience, scripting for specific weapons is not easy. There is no way for scripts to know what type of weapon you are wielding (man I wish this were so), thus, you will need to either check for all bow types in the game (not terrible, but if a mod adds more bows, then you have to find a way to account for it in Weidu) or have a toggle when you equip the bow (which is not easily done as other mods have taken advantage of this and since it has become canon, yours may not function with theirs).

  • AdsoAdso Member Posts: 122
    edited July 2015
    Thanks for the feedback. It does seem that adding it in on a per level basis is the way to go. As well, if I follow, I can block out proficiency gain at X, Y, Z levels to in effect take the place of adding pips and getting benefits from it. It railroads choice a bit, but should result in a much smoother operating kit.

    I'm curious, is there a mechanic that can look at which bow has been used the most (short vs long) for the last "x" levels, or in-game time, etc, and then apply aforementioned bennies to further use of that style bow? Mimicking getting better with a weapon through use.

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