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I'm looking to join somebody in BGEE/BG2EE

Blu6Blu6 Member Posts: 16
edited August 2015 in Multiplayer
I've never played multiplayer before and I want to figure what this is all about, role play a bit too. Anybody want to invite me, who's any good at staying in character? I was thinking of playing a shadowdancer, maybe a fighter dual class, even a mage or mage/cleric.

I'm fine with playing as a duo, or if there's more people who would join that's fine by me. I don't really want to join a halfway through the game, I'd prefer starting together, so we're all on the same level. I reckon I'm a good role player, I play D&D, pathfinder in real life. Honestly, I'm willing to play any class, as long as I can think of a good character for him. If you don't wanna role play, that's fine I guess, I just think it would be more fun, for me at least.

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