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Anyone else "hate" Baldur's Gate?



  • TuthTuth Member Posts: 233
    Most of these rooms should have a sign in the middle "Fireball here for total mayhem and destrucion! Yay!".

  • RamiellRamiell Member Posts: 58
    I remember my first time in Baldur's Gate. I felt so overwhelmed and lost. Sometimes it feels annoying to explore all these houses, searching for loot but once you learn what is where you can simply skip parts you don't like. The biggest disappointment for me is that in the city this size, there is only 1 interesting shop, I understand there is iron shortage but there should be someone able to import some stuff somehow, maybe some undercover merchant like the one in thieves guild but with wider choice.

  • ZanathKariashiZanathKariashi Member Posts: 2,867
    There's plenty of shops in BG....just none that the devs deemed important for the player to ever use.

    My biggest gripe over BG2's Athkatla is not being Athkatla...and OPEN TEMPLE TO TALOS, in a city whose laws specifically say to KILL ALL TALOS PRIESTS ON SIGHT. Hell they don't even officially allow ANY evil gods to be openly worshiped there, though Cyric does have a hidden cult sponsored by one of the noble families.

    And how the hell do vampires infiltrate a city that 80% of it is inside the largest Temple of Waukeen on earth, and thus is consecrated ground they can't enter.

  • BhryaenBhryaen Member Posts: 2,874
    My BG1 playthroughs often ended just as I'd get to BG City, but I don't know why. I loved BG City- other than the confusing design where the area edges didn't link up particularly well (at least for traversal purposes). The encounters there were excellent, lots of the same fun you get in "the wilds," but a lot more concentrated. Barging into people's houses was more of an adventure. Plus there are the plots you get embroiled in that you couldn't get by simply storming the Firewine Ruins or such. Durlag's Tower is still the best place in BG1 though...

  • ReibornReiborn Member Posts: 156
    wow this thread is still alive...
    at any rate I still didn't came back to my save to finish the game.

    trying to finish DA:Inquisition dlcs for first time.

    weird part is that in large game like Inquisition I've found less content then I've had in BG1 pre-BG city.

  • BhryaenBhryaen Member Posts: 2,874

    weird part is that in large game like Inquisition I've found less content then I've had in BG1 pre-BG city.

    Tell me about it. Took me 100s of hrs to complete my first DAI playthrough, but despite the excellent graphics, the side areas had none of the rich storytelling character of BG1's. Quests just sort of start and end with few interesting encounters built in. Plus DA doesn't have nearly the sense of humor that BG does...

  • tokarev748tokarev748 Member Posts: 27
    I don't hate it at all.For me a big city is a relative safe dungeon.No monsters or hostile creature everywhere but still a lot of potential danger,and where you can load your loot then resupply quickly.Dealing with factions,monkey around shops and vendors,listening gossips,sight seeing to learn more lore are more interesing than simple dungeon crawling.
    About Baldur's Gate city specifically,I like the night time(better raining),presenting very eerie atmosphere that Athkatla and Neverwinter could never match.The only game that can match is Mysteries of Westgate,NWN2 expansion,strongly recommend to people who havn't try it.

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