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MP NPCS + Shadowkeeper = Animals?

I remember that in BG1 there was a bug whereby if a polymorphed wizard died, and the polymorph ran out when you resurrected them they were still in the form that they'd changed to. (I had a mustard jelly Dynahyr for a while)
So I made a 'slime-o-mancer' by doing an MP game and importing wizards and all sorts of shennigans.

But on a more serious level, would it be possible to make some multiplayer NPCs into things like wolves or spiders or such to have as companions?


  • GemHoundGemHound Member Posts: 801
    I do not see why you would be unable to do it with EEKeeper. Its just a matter of changing the model. Just open the Character File, go to the appearance tab, and change the appearance of the character. Then you save it and the character will have that appearance ingame.

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