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Item Categories and Opcode 181

KalindorKalindor Member Posts: 51
Note: Sorry about the long description, but I think it is necessary to understand the request.

I am working on a kit mod and have decided to add custom item usability restrictions for it. (I have been warned against this, but I shall not listen!) I have successfully included weapon restrictions using opcode 181, so thank you for your work in making this opcode functional for this purpose.

However, I was puzzled that this approach does not seem to work for body armor. I then realized that the body armor in the game's files are all classified as "armor (2)" in the category field as opposed to "Plate Mail (64)" or the like, meaning I am limited to making the kit unable to use ANY armor. I experimented by changing the category of the plate mail item file PLAT01.ITM to "Plate Mail (64)". Voila! I was able to prevent its use by using opcode 181 (suggesting that the opcode itself works perfectly). However, the engine does not fully support items using these armor categories. There are two issues that I can see:
1) They can be equipped as armor only if placed in the specific item slot (dragging it onto the paperdoll does nothing).
2) They do not change the armor model on the character once equipped. Thus, equipping the modified plate armor described above on a fighter makes him look like a color-changed unarmored fighter.

These limitations are referred to in this post:

My request is that you make these extended armor, weapon, and shield item categories functionally indistinguishable from the existing more general categories when equipping an item. This would allow modders to change the categories of the existing armors and use opcode 181 to restrict their kits to specific levels of armor, shields, etc. (If you wanted to go even further, you could adjust the categories of existing armors in-game to make use of the newly implemented categories, but this can be done with WeiDU as well.)

Thank you for your time,


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