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PS:T Modron Maze

SharguildSharguild Member Posts: 186
edited December 2015 in Off-Topic
Many have identified frustration trying to get through the Modron maze in the game and finding both Nordom and the Mage Construct with regularity.
Hopefully the diagram below will assist;

Not sure if this insert worked, bear with me please.



  • TeflonTeflon Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 517
    It reminds me of how I found modron. I draw map myself. It was painful. was it 64 rooms?

  • TuthTuth Member Posts: 233
    I love the fact you have to draw the map by yourself, in order to keep up with the layout of the maze. My tip for finding Nordom and the Mage Construct would be: go left. I'm left-handed and I tend to stick to that rule whenever I'm facing a maze or a complex level in games. It turned out that it really helped me to find both locations, since the Nodrom's location is always to the North-West, the Mage is always to the North-East and the maze begins from South-West.

    I like to go through the whole maze anyway, so I'll get there sooner, or later. The idea itself reminds me of classic dungeon crawlers like Eye of the Beholder.

  • SharguildSharguild Member Posts: 186
    So, I guess my insert worked.
    Happy for that, my first "insert" at this web-site and had concern.
    Obviously it's not very attractive but wasn't going to put exorbitant effort into it if it turned out to be a dud, I'm not a very computer savvy guy for this stuff.
    Anyway, hopefully it's self explanatory but I'll add a few key points;
    - essentially, you are gonna need a piece of paper and a pen/pencil to draw a map ( gee, been a while since we've had to do that, eh?).
    - once you get the head Modron in the greeting room to turn the Maze into "difficult", you head off for joyous (or tedious, your mileage may vary) exploration!
    - first room is always 13 FY
    - when you enter a new room, kill the constructs ( dialogue becomes pointless) then hit your "L" key to identify what room you are in
    - draw this room on map, the position you entered it from and the room number
    - take the next open 'available' door and enter the next room.
    - rinse / repeat
    - sometimes you will hit a 'dead end' and need to retrace your steps and go a different route through a different door, hence the reason you are drawing a map.
    - eventually you will reach the room in which Nordom is in and then you can move forward ( or back) and find the room the Mage construct is in.
    - once you've killed the Mage construct and got Nordom in your group, you are essentially done however, there is still value in completing the remaining maze rooms, to whit, the constructs you destroy in each room on occasion drop valuable stuff, including;
    - clot/blood/heart charms
    - money
    - arrows ( for Nordom)
    -goggles (for Nordom)
    - these arrows and goggles you will get nowhere else, so if you plan on using Nordom, stocking up is a good idea.
    - there are about 5 different types of arrows and about 9 different types of goggles ( don't have my notes in front of me so this could be low or high).

    Once you've destroyed the mage and got Nordom, you can of course portal out ( thanks to a gem you got) or you can back-track to the beginning and ask the head Modron to reset the maze again ( to difficult) and repeat the whole scenario for even more treasure.
    Obviously there is only one Nordom BUT, there will be a new Mage Construct whom you can re-fight and yes, he will drop another copy of the Modron Cannon spell ( for Dak or Iggy to learn).
    Repeat as deemed necessary.
    note 1: you can also portal out from last desired position and then use the Modron toy to get back to the beginning quicker.
    note 2: you cannot 'rest' in the maze and even the best of us will take significant damage from fighting the constructs after a while, be aware.

    Any questions, I'll do my best to answer them.

    Best to ya Berk, don't let the Lady's shadow fall on ya.

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