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EEKeeper and BG2EE NPCs

Ekalia23Ekalia23 Member Posts: 12
I've tried to find the answer to this but been struggling. Apolagies if this is common knowledge but I've only just started learning about modding these games.

My favourite thing about the Icewind Dale games is the full party creation. Obviously to do this in BG2 you would play a multiplayer game. However, one of my favourite things about the BG games is all the party interactions. Therefore I was wondering if I can do the following;

Get a full party together in a normal game (so 5 NPCs)
Edit everyone with EEKeeper so I have my desired squad classes/kits etc
Ideally change the names and portraits.

So my main two questions are;
1) - can you edit NPCs like you can player characters (I've not brought BG2EE since I started using EEKeeper so can't check)?
2) - Will the NPCs still interact as normal after being edited? (I'm assuming the original NPC names will still appear in dialogue - but I can get over that).


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