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How to make a custom multiclass?

akaydsakayds Member Posts: 1
edited November 2015 in BGII:EE Mods
Hi, my question should be very simple i want to make a Kensai/Mage/Thief but i am not sure how to proceed. Is it like making a Kensai and then when the time for dual-class comes i pick the custom (mage/thief) combo and then for the rest of the game only Mage and Thief levels up? I need some clarity on this please thank you!

Basically i need someone to explain to me like i was a 5 year old step by step how i can achieve playing a Kensai/Mage/Thief using ee keeper if needed.


  • Sarevok08Sarevok08 Member Posts: 71
    I could be wrong, but recently I did a run with a swashbuckler/wizard slayer. I think I started as a swashbuckler, duelled to fighter, and using eekeeper set my kit to wizard slayer.

    I would say, start a game as f/m/t, open eekeeper, and set your kit to kensai. See if that works, though you may miss the first 7(?) levels of kensai bonuses.

    You could then start a pure kensai go to eekeeper, see what affects are set, and duplicate them on the k/m/t.

    See if that works for you.

  • PantalionPantalion Member Posts: 2,137
    To add a custom kit, first create your character using the standard multiclass - For simplicity's sake, this is easiest for Baldur's Gate 1 (since you'll start with less extra stuff to remove). From there, set your level in the appropriate class to 0 and remove all level based benefits of the class.

    For example, for Thieves, reduce your thief skills to 15 (not 0), remove set snare from abilities, and reduce your hitpoints (may be easiest to set your HP to 1, zeroise everything and start from fresh rather than recalculating a triple class's HP, then edit a new save after to remove your 1 extra HP in another keeper edit if you zero'd every class).

    As this point, add the kit. Say, Kensai, and reload the new save.

    Because you set your level to 0, you'll be able to level up again from scratch, selecting everything you need, and the game will correctly assign you your starting kit bonuses as well as any level up boosts.

    It's worth noting that certain changes do not carry over last I recall. Assassins and Swashbucklers both get standard backstab progression, for example, because they're using the Multiclass thief progression table instead of the standard one.

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