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GoodSteveGoodSteve Member Posts: 607
edited November 2013 in Fixed

So, uh, after the real Hexxat revealed herself and "killed" Clara... well, Clara didn't die and was still standing there. I was even able to recruit her back into my team... is this somehow intentional? With the dialog mentioning how Hexxat just murdered Clara it doesn't seem like she was suppose to still be standing there let alone join my team once more with her would be murderer.

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  • GoodSteveGoodSteve Member Posts: 607
    Ok, so something is definitely bugged. Now when I enter the Copper Coronet, Clara disappears but her portrait is still in my team line up. When I click the portrait nothing happens and she is no where to be seen. I also cannot leave the Copper Coronet now because I need to "Gather My party Before Venturing Forth" and Clara has seemingly disintegrated...

  • JalilyJalily Member Posts: 4,681
    edited November 2013
    Definitely a bug. Are you able to repeat this? (C not dying, I mean.)

  • GoodSteveGoodSteve Member Posts: 607
    I shall try my master, I shall try.

  • GoodSteveGoodSteve Member Posts: 607
    Hmm, this time around she died, little ghost animation and everything... very odd.

  • LiamEslerLiamEsler Member Posts: 1,859
    @GoodSteve Yeah, this is due to a bug, I think I can see what's going on. CTRL+Y Faxxat and recruit Hexxat instead, things should continue as normal. :)

    If Hexxat isn't appearing in the Coronet, you may have missed a scene -- go back to where you met her, and then retrace your steps out of the dungeon.

  • GoodSteveGoodSteve Member Posts: 607
    Oh, Hexxat was appearing in the CC, Clara however, who was also in my party at the time, wasn't. I'm using a different save game now (the one I redid to see if I got the same problem, which I didn't) just in case something was screwy with the other one. I'm also at the CC now and don't seem to be having any luck finding this "Mr. L" is this supposed to trigger when I enter with Hexxat or am I not looking hard enough?

  • JalilyJalily Member Posts: 4,681
    Ah, you are not supposed to meet L now.

  • GoodSteveGoodSteve Member Posts: 607
    Ah, I see... that must have been the part about "keeping him waiting a while longer." Fair enough.

  • byrne20byrne20 Member Posts: 499
    Yeah this happened to me to :)

  • LiamEslerLiamEsler Member Posts: 1,859
    If this happens to anyone else, do not recruit Faxxat, or you'll note be able to leave the area due to the issue above. Just CTRL+Y or leave her (she should destroy herself in a few minutes, I believe).

  • GtsblackoutGtsblackout Member Posts: 1
    Got a screenshot of it just for fun, sorry if it's a bit redundant.

    First time I did this I actually got the bug, so I got super confused. Real Hexxat leaves and Clara runs around. If you talk to her, she asks you to "go to Dragomir's tomb" even though you are in it (this is when i got suspicious that something glitched out). When I left the tomb, I never passed Real Hexxat, and went straight to the Copper Coronet. Needless to say, nothing happened, and that's when I reloaded and found out it was a glitch.

    I fiddled with it numerous times just for funsies to see if I could recruit both, etc.

    I tried a lot of different party spread formations (as in, where everyone was standing when the dialogue starts between real hexxat and clara), and I was able to reproduce it a few times (though I wasn't able to figure any sort of coherency with it). The first time I went it, the script actually didn't fire off at all, and I had to run my whole party around the room twice before it started.

    I'm wondering if it has something to do with the speed im playing the game at (60 FPS, double speed). I'm not sure if scripts fire at normal speed or something.

    When Clara survives the event, it's VERY quick. It goes straight from Hexxat saying her 2nd piece of dialogue, the dialogue drops, and it IMMEDIATELY starts dialogue of Hexxat up again, versus when it works correctly, the 2nd piece of dialogue ends, clara dies, gives up the ghost, THEN hexxat starts the convo again.

  • FlauschigFlauschig Member Posts: 84
    Same here, got gliched by Clara going away and Hexxat doing nothing about it. Hexxat said she would be in CC in 2 hours, but was still in the party.

  • Errond669Errond669 Member Posts: 2
    if you want to still have Clara in your party, just throw her out and don't let her speak with charname, when you are done inside just tell her that it's just fine you will go to dragomir's tomb etc. and you can have both hexxats for the whole game :smiley: i just like clara for this mindless talk, and want to keep her, if i hadn't found this bug i would try to find it :wink: so just leave her outside and don't worry about message that sipder was sent back, it normally would be her, but she is still outside trying to talk you int going to Dragomir's tomb... best non-suspicious talk ever.

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