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The Revenge on Harpell

If you're a monster who cheerfully cuts down goodly self-righteous heroes for the loot, or at very least picks the pockets of Drizzt's entire party in Bodhi's lair for some loot to sell (level 9 scrolls aren't cheap), then you will likely be familiar with this vile fellow.

In BG2:EE he cannot be killed, he appears wherever you go, he imprisons your whole party, and if you're one of those rare few that can pull off immunity to imprisonment, he outright glitches your game with constant dialogue spam in every map.

So being the optimiser that I am, I've weaponised this behaviour to my advantage, and now I'm sharing the method so you can too!

Step 1: Be a immune to imprisonment.

You can be a lowly peon fighter or thief if you must, but only if you're a Berserker or high level thief. Generally mages have the easiest time of it. It also helps if you have Neera in your party and immune to imprisonment, since she can NRD Freedoms to release your lost party mates at lower levels - She only has to succeed once to release all Prisoners.

Step 2: Provoke Harpell into doing his imprison-all spell.

It helps if you reform your party to just CHARNAME beforehand, since he won't imprison your entire party. Once he's imprisoned everyone once, Harpell is now broken, and ripe for abuse.

Step 3: Abuse.

Malchor Harpell has very simple behaviour once broken. He will teleport in next to you whenever you are carrying one of Drizzt's party weapons, and disappear when you no longer have them.

Importantly, each instance is a new Malchor Harpell, and Malchor Harpell carries three random items for pick pocketing. It doesn't matter if you fail, and when you've emptied his pockets, you can drop your bag of Drizzt-gear and then when he disappears, pick it up again to repeat the process.

If you can get the timing right, he'll disappear more or less instantly, otherwise he might lag around a little bit, but should still disappear eventually.

Step 4: ???

Twenty-two repetitions gave me the following:

Gold Necklace x5
Laeral's Tear Necklace x6 (1800 GP each!)
Bloodstone Amulet x7
Pierce Shield (Level 8) x2
Summon Nishruu (Level 6)
Ziose Gem x8
73 GP x5
Tchazar Gem x4
Carrion Summons (Level 6)
Skydrop Gem x3
Elixir of Health
Plate Mail
Garnet Gem x3
Potion of Insulation x2
Potion of Healing x3
Potion of Mind Focusing
Potion of Insight x2
Project Image (Level 7)
Sphere of Chaos (Level 7)
Symbol of Fear (Level 8)
Protection from Cold
Black Opal
Long Sword +1
Scimitar +1
Potion of Strength
Stone to Flesh (Level 6)
Summon Cacofiend (Level 7)
Arrow of Detonation

Step 5: Profit.

So there you have it, one of the most annoying NPCs in the game turned into a source of infinite wealth, infinite XP, and a wide array of high level spell scrolls along with the potions to guaranteed scribe chance them. Enjoy!



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