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Rasaad Quest Finale Bugged (Spoilers)

Match451Match451 Member Posts: 48
edited September 2014 in Troubleshooting
In the final Battle with my party and Rasaad vs Gamaz, after killing Gamaz, nothing happens. If I manually talk to Rasaad, he simply says "Gamaz" then the conversation ends, and my journal is updated.

Here is a save just before the battle. It happens every time for me:

I already had some problems with the Rasaad quest here:

I used the edited save posted there, which seemed to work fine to continue, so I don't know if that's a contributing factor.

Kind of another oddity, is that I can have Charname talk to Rasaad after the final battle with Gamaz begins, and it will initiate the conversation they had at the beginning of the final battle. You can do this over and over.

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  • I had the exact same problem, killed gamaz and then nothing. It was really odd that the final quest dialogue just refused to trigger, anyone have an idea of what 's going on?

  • Match451Match451 Member Posts: 48
    Another Oddity I recall, is that when I faced Gamaz the 2nd time inside the temple/caves, Brawnwen walked up to Gamaz and "talked" to him, but didn't actually initiate dialogue. I was surprised she didn't say anything interesting along the way, considering she's a follower of Tempus, and the monks following Shar murdered all the followers of Tempus that previously lived there.

  • foma_mgppufoma_mgppu Member Posts: 113
    @Match451 TY a lot, mate, for a pointer about how to finally end this intersting but buggy as hell quest!

  • GallowglassGallowglass Member Posts: 3,356
    What's supposed to happen is that when Gamaz is killed, instead of dying instantly he's meant to fall to the ground dying, which should trigger a final dialogue between Rasaad and Gamaz (who then dies at the end of the dialogue).

    The problem is that Gamaz often dies outright instead of falling to the ground dying. (Sometimes this is because he's hit so hard that he's chunked, but he also sometimes dies immediately even when not actually chunked.) If Gamaz is already dead, then of course Rasaad can't have the final dialogue, so the quest doesn't end as intended.

    The workaround (as @Match451 has already discovered) is for the protagonist to force-talk to Gamaz. Once Rasaad exclaims "Gamaz!", the journal will update and the quest will terminate just as if the final dialogue with Gamaz had actually taken place.

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