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Baldur's Gate

RccamoRccamo Member Posts: 1
Ok, so i have the original 5 disc packet thing, and it worked before but now when i try to run the game, it loads the little window with the play button, readme, demos, exit etc. but when i click play it just exits and doesnt start up. it is pissing me beyond off. i had the same problem with some other old games as well that i played just months ago.


  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,663
    what operating system are you running? if you are running windows 8/10 that game could really struggle to start up because its such an old game, so you will have to run some compatibility options to get it running, and be warned in windows 7 I experience some HUGE lag while running vanilla bg so I had to download a separate program to manually turn off my windows direct X and the lag was gone, playing older games on newer machines can be quite the pain, especially when I was trying to get roller coaster tycoon to work on my windows 8 laptop, basically no dice

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