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op codes and older mods / full compatibility

EtherheadEtherhead Member Posts: 16
I would like to play a custom class kit, or a modification of the existing bard (such as the IWD version). I have tried to get Song and Silence and I was wondering if Rogue Rebalancing is already a part of EE, because it doesn't seem to work with the true bard class. This is frustrating :(

Why doesn't the Song and Silence actually work on my BG:EE (steam version)? Closest I see is the Dirge singer which I may have to play... whatever it does. Anybody know much about if this ? - is still working/being tested? Thanks.
...I used the most up-to-date WeiDU installer, and made sure I had a clean install (several times) Minus the step where I burn my computer. Can't afford it. i still only have 1 song.

As for opcodes, I was very interested in reading up about them but I haven't got a clue where to learn more about how to implement op codes; it seems they are used to get the job done in several mods. maybe they're in the tutorial section? idk. I'd like to make a certain bard kit that doesn't sing, but instead has higher lore per level and is a little more "frisky" but not as overpowered/broken as the blade. custom books, journals, letters, quest items.. also interested me. As my friend has a whole quest he wants to make and I want to help. Other than that, I'm not sure if I'm just missing something. Thank you for your help. I'm a decent learner, I could test for anyone I suppose, as I have hours of free time, and understand a little about searching through code. So, cheers!


  • subtledoctorsubtledoctor Member Posts: 11,469
    I'm not sure what you expect from Domg & Silence - I don't think it consumes a component for bard song switching. (I don't think RR does either.) For trueclass bard song switching like in IWD, you want to install one of the components from "IWDification" mod.

    As for opcodes, they are just the codes used for various effects. E.g. opcode #1 is "modify attacks per round," so if you want to make a spell that gives bonus APR, it would involve opcode 1. There are over 300 opcodes in the engine, with different effects, which can be mixed-and-matched within spells or abilities.

    You can read more in the IESDP and explore for yourself in Near Infinity or DLTCEP.

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