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op codes and older mods / full compatibility

EtherheadEtherhead Member Posts: 16
I would like to play a custom class kit, or a modification of the existing bard (such as the IWD version). I have tried to get Song and Silence and I was wondering if Rogue Rebalancing is already a part of EE, because it doesn't seem to work with the true bard class. This is frustrating :(

Why doesn't the Song and Silence actually work on my BG:EE (steam version)? Closest I see is the Dirge singer which I may have to play... whatever it does. Anybody know much about if this ? - is still working/being tested? Thanks.
...I used the most up-to-date WeiDU installer, and made sure I had a clean install (several times) Minus the step where I burn my computer. Can't afford it. i still only have 1 song.

As for opcodes, I was very interested in reading up about them but I haven't got a clue where to learn more about how to implement op codes; it seems they are used to get the job done in several mods. maybe they're in the tutorial section? idk. I'd like to make a certain bard kit that doesn't sing, but instead has higher lore per level and is a little more "frisky" but not as overpowered/broken as the blade. custom books, journals, letters, quest items.. also interested me. As my friend has a whole quest he wants to make and I want to help. Other than that, I'm not sure if I'm just missing something. Thank you for your help. I'm a decent learner, I could test for anyone I suppose, as I have hours of free time, and understand a little about searching through code. So, cheers!


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