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[Mod Idea] More ninja-to and wakizashi for BGee 1 & 2

YamchaYamcha Member Posts: 478
Most weapons have 1 variant for each enchantment level, but ninja-to and wakizashi offer only a generic +1 and the unique +4 in ToB (Yamato[Saradush merchant], Unsuno's [Watchers Keep])
In BG1 the +1 can only be obtained in Dorn's ambush encounter, so pretty much no variety.

What I would like to have:

+1 (generic + uniques), available in chapter 2+ areas
+2 (uniques), available in chapter 5+ areas

+1 (generic + uniques), available in chapter 1+ areas
+2(generic + uniques), available in chapter 2+ areas
+3 (uniques), available in chapter 4-5+ areas
+4 (uniques), available in chapter 6+7

maybe an upgrade option for the existing to +5

The biggest issue I see with this is keeping the compatibility with other mods. What if I change the inventory of an excisting NPC or container that get altered by mod xyz too ?

Similar issue: Offering an upgrade option (cespenar, dwarf in docks district), adding some dialog and scripts should be fine. But what if an other mod does the same ?

Anyhing to consider to make this compatible with Item Revision ? Naming convention for weapons, installation order, etc ?

Are there (A)D&D books that have a list of potential weapons that could be used, or are their copyright issues with WOTC when those are used?
Any weapons you would like to see?

What do you think, would that be something you'd be interested in?
Maybe there already is a mod that tackles the same issue ?
Balancing issues - that extra gold influx should be negligible if you dont use the new weapons. But the enchantment level and extra features shouldn't surpass vanilla weapons at the given stage of the game.



  • subtledoctorsubtledoctor Member Posts: 11,463
    BG2Tweaks has a component like this: "exotic weapon pack" or something like that. But it doesn't add many weapons - this is still the west, not Kara-Tur, so these kinds of items should be rare! If anything Inthink there should be more scimitars in the game, since Amn is not far from Calimshan...

    Sorry, anyway, as for mod compatibility, you can patch the items into stores Ina way that preserves compatibility with any other mods. For an example, look at my mod "Might & Guile," open the mod folder and look at /might_and_guile/components/500_multiclass.tpa in a good text editor. Toward the bottom I have a bunch of items added to stores, so you can see the technique.

  • YamchaYamcha Member Posts: 478
    edited February 2016
    IIRC the weapon pack was for BGT and tutu, (bg1 never had katanas and co). But this component is pretty much obsolete with the enhanced edition's additions.

    From the game lore the scarcity makes total sense, BUT - everyone loves Samurais and eastern weaponry. That's a well known fact :lol:

    I will check your file out, thanks for the tip.

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