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Spiderwood (AR3000), Denak, and the unknown temple ruins

ZansoZanso Member Posts: 132
Hello everyone!
I tried to find some information about the area mentioned in the title, but couldn't find much. The area is part of Wood of Sharp Teeth right? Who is this ruined temple dedicated to? Does anyone know?

What about Denak? What do we know about him? According to: they are searching for a lost magic artifact, but I couldn't find any information about this item or where this information came from in the first place (the reference didn't help in this case). Is it actually true game wise? What has James Ohlen told us?

And last, but not least, are these guys and the temple already included in some other mod, which I just can't remember.


  • Red_CarnelianRed_Carnelian Member Posts: 48
    edited February 2016
    When I was doing research for my mod I wanted to use the temple ruins in the Bandit Camp area which is also in the Wood of Sharp Teeth area. I came across a reference to a lost empire called Askavar in the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting book. Which is why I called it the The Stone of Askavar. Askavar was an elven community which is now the Wood of Sharp Teeth. It was abandoned in the retreat. It was also called Glimmerwood by the elves at some time. Perhaps your temple ruins relate to the elves.

    There is also the tale of Vehlarr.

    There is no reference to the artifact in the Baldurs Gate Wiki. The forgotten realms reference also has the Spider wood in the Cloakwood which is incorrect.

    Denak is a Red Wizard who has dialog with Edwin with reference to Zulkir Nevron. That could be a lead.

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  • ZansoZanso Member Posts: 132
    Aaa cool :smile: Thanks @Red_Carnelian! Have to do some reading then :smile: and with the artifact thing I guessed it would be something James Ohlen or Ray Muzyka had said (see references). But of course can't be sure.

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