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Ulgoth Beard Special Wares

gattberserkgattberserk Member Posts: 180
Hi guys, recently I add in a new secret stores for the Bartender in Ulgoth Beard Town. It work in a very similar fashion as Ribald in Adventurer Mart in BG2EE, except that it is triggered by Quest (The Soultaker Quest) rather than Chapter and is free of charge for shopping.

This Store is available after the global variable 'Hurgandemon' set to '1'. Simply talk to Hurgan after your dagger has been taken away by the cultist and he will tell you visit the bartender before you engage the demon in a tough battle.

Talking to the bartender will show a 3rd dialogue option after talking to Hurgan. Choose that and the secret stores will be revealed.

So far I only have 12 new balanced items included in the stores to prevent any metagaming in BGEE, although I will assume that it won't since by the time you defeat the Demonknight, you should be pretty late game. This secret store only allows buying and you cannot sell anything to it. Revert to the normal stores if you want sell your stuff.

Below are the 12 unique items list and the SS for the stores:

1) Amulet of Magical Protection (From BG2EE, name changed only, +5% MR)
2) Mirror of Black Ice (Amulet from IWDEE, nerf drastically, +2 to crushing/slashing, +1 to saves vs spell/wand, blur & MI once per day)
3) Ring of Spell Turning
4) Bracer of Defense AC5
5) Paladin Bracer
6) Cloak of Endurance (New Item, +15% to Crushing/Slashing/Piercing Resistances only)
7) Bone Club +2 (Same as BG2EE, name changed only, +3 vs undead)
8) Sling +2
9) Tuigan Short Bow +1
10) Heavy Xbow of Searing +1
11) Mace of Disruption +1
12) Ammo Belt



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