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BG1 Enhanced Edition portrait pack missing from BG2?

Hello all, I've been using one of the new character portraits included with the PC version of BG1:EE and I was surprised to find these missing from BG2 - at least as far as I can tell. The one I've been using from the first game really suited my character and would love to export this over to BG2.

Does anyone by chance know how to do this? Or am I missing something?

I searched the forums pretty extensively, but couldn't find anything on this so sorry in advance if it's been asked before.

Thanks in advance!


  • rorikonrorikon Member Posts: 105
    Have you actually tried importing your character with the extra BG:EE portrait into B2:EE? My understanding is that those portraits are available for imported characters, but just not selectable by newly created characters in BG2. If that's changed the 2.0 update actually removed a 1.3 addition!

  • BenJLBenJL Member Posts: 2
    Ah, that may solve it then. I am very close to finishing BG1, but have not actually exported yet. When I was killing some time looking through the new portraits from the sequel I noticed them missing. Thanks again for answering the question!

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