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Using SoD to play a BGEE save file?

JazrielJazriel Member Posts: 2
I had the itch to play a full playthrough from the beginning of BGEE to the end of BG2EE, I start it up, remember something about an expansion, and now I've just launched SoD and noticed it natively found my BGEE saves.

So what's the best way to proceed to ensure I get access to all of the new content? Does having a save file that was created in BGEE prevent me from accessing some new SoD items? Keep in mind I'm only like 4 hours into the game, so doing a complete restart wouldn't bother me too much. Will I not miss out on anything if I just use the SoD game and play with my BGEE save file that way (saving me a few hours)?

If I play using SoD to play BG1, does that mean I get the SoD XP cap and can 'overlevel' in BG1 areas if I do as many quests as possible. I think something like this was possible when you played BG2 SoA yet had ToB installed.

[Edit] I'm mainly asking because I'm wondering if there's a sort of Watcher's Keep kind of thing going on. You could access Watcher's Keep in BG2 SoA and that had a bunch of conveniences. If there's something like that in SoD and BG1 then that'd be sweet.

TL;DR Do I have to restart from scratch using the SoD.exe in order to not miss out on anything?

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