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Small Portrait

OlteronOlteron Member Posts: 67
Since Update My characters small portrait on right side of screen will not show. It just has a gray screen with a question mark. In my character sheet page the portrait is there.



  • OlteronOlteron Member Posts: 67
    Has anyone found a fix for this? Or anyone else have portrait issue on party bar?

  • CerevantCerevant Member Posts: 2,311
    We use the L portrait for the Character Record and the M portrait for the side bar. You can just rename the S portrait to M to get the old behavior back.

  • OlteronOlteron Member Posts: 67
  • OlteronOlteron Member Posts: 67
    I changed all the S portraits to M. Kept the L portraits the same. Some work. Some don't. And so far I can see no difference or reason why. I even tried removing most of them and keeping a dozen of my favorite. only 5 work. The others don't. If I place doubles ( Example Wiz04_L.BMP and Wiz04_M.BMP it shows two of the same pics while scrolling which bothers me. But neither pics seem to work in the party bar. I have tried re-saving them all then reloading like znancekivell said to do in another post. But that does not work. All of these pics worked before so I have no idea why they don't now.

  • OlteronOlteron Member Posts: 67
    Holy cow I got it to work. So it seems the game does not like different format for names. If some names have ( _ ) in them and others don't it gets confused. so all or nothing. I chose to take them all out. Other problems are if some names start in a capital letter and others don't it gets confused. So had to take all caps off the first letter of the file name.

    Then I had to dance a jig while holding a broken umbrella in a lightning storm to get mother gaia to strike my computer with lightning and then kick a baby kitten to appease the trickster gods.

    Whew. okay. now i can play. thanks for all your help guys.

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