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Real Talk

A lot of negative reviews of SOD actually talk about real issues with the game.

>Mods broke
>Multiplayer is broke
>Bugs galore
>Shitty UI

They are all good criticisms of a just released game and are more then deserving of a 3/10. If you actually took the time to read some of the highest reviews on Steam, you would see that the negative reviews point these flaws out.

Its not all GG'ers whining about "Ess Jay Double Ewws"

Now onto the hot topic.


Regardless of your feelings of GG, if you're pro or anti, putting in a 2014 tumblr meme into a 1998 game is in incredibly poor taste, especially when said meme is antagonistic in nature.

Of course it would ruffle some feathers. They should have just left well enough alone.

>The Trans Cleric.

I have no objections to a trans or any LGBT character in any medium. I have issues with them being used as tokens. Within 5 seconds of talking to her, she tells you she is trans. Not only that, she doesnt even have the other dialogue options other characters in the game have, as in you cant be mean to her, or nice to her, or really anything other then say "Oh ok thats cool"

It seems to be Beamdog put her in to appear progressive and to pay lip service. She should have been better written.

Not that this post will change any minds, and as soon as I spoke out against the trans cleric, assumptions were already made about me. So, do what you will with that.


  • gesellegeselle Member Posts: 325
    edited April 2016
    Mods are broken for gog and steam only, due to file structure. a fix is already presented in another thread.

    Multiplayer broke? Pretty sure it's true

    Bugs are in, true.

    Shitty UI - That's personal taste, and can be modded.

    Coming from someone who is deeply anti-sj, i'm not a fan of this either, but baldur's gate always had popculture references, minsc has one, peter of the north etc. this shouldn't be an issue in the first place. you were on the receiving end for once? deal with it. be happy you were immortalized or being mentioned.

    The trans cleric is a very delicate matter, heck i didn't even know she was a transgender and assumed she was simply raised a boy, because her parents wanted a boy. something that indeed happened in medieval europe.
    i can't comment on the tokenism, since i can't relate to neither this token nor to people who might relate to it.

    yes they indeed put their progressiveness etc into the game, same was true for baldur's gate 1, it happens in many games. again peter north, obviously someone was into porn, and let it flow into baldur's gate 1.

    and fleshing out the trans character could have resulted in an even worse shitfest. the developers believe in this idea, but they probably also knew overdoing it could have some harmful effects. the outcome however is worse than they anticipated i'm sure.

    peter of the north was a tribute to the porn industry, mizhana to the lgbt or sj-movement.

    i don't like the lgbt reference, you don't like it. the developers have a different agenda, this doesn't mean it has to go, or we must boycot or try to stop them at any cost.

    they really tried with siege of dragonspear, look at all the voice actors they brought back, look at all the technical and other limits they had to work with and that's supposed to be what they deserve for doing all this?
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