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Please Beamdog.

NeishonNeishon Member Posts: 3
I have played Baldur's Gate since I was a child and I love it to this day. 50% of my love for this game is just how good it is, the game play, the story, etc. The other 50% is the nostalgia for it. Then came version 2.0. I bought Baldur's Gate the Enhanced Edition and I loved it, it was the Baldur's gate I knew and love, with a couple of neat additions. I recently updated to 2.0, and now this is the game I didn't buy, nor wish to. The former 50% is ruined by the host of bugs, glitches, issues and problems that now plague the game, the latter 50% is ruined by the new graphics and UI changes, which doesn't bring me the joy and feeling I used to have playing this game. Steam has the option to revert to the previous patch but that's now magically filled with bugs and glitches, and literal unplayability as the game crashes early in the story. So no, this is not the game I bought, I don't know what it is but I never chose to buy it. It would be superb if you could give us back 1.3, or fix 2.0 and give us the option to switch UIs thanks. Also I would of liked to buy Siege of Dragonspear because I thought that it was great to have an expansion all these years for the game I loved but I am not remotely touching it if I have to deal with 2.0. Thank you.


  • DeeDee Member Posts: 10,447
    The 1.3 beta branch should be fixed soon, we've been working on it on our end the past day or so.

  • NeishonNeishon Member Posts: 3
    Ah ok. Thank you very much man for actually looking in to it.

  • rashkaerashkae Member Posts: 163
    I just completed a complete run through of the original BG campaign with SoD installed. Granted, you can see a few spots where a bit of polish is missing, and visual changes are surprising at first, (one could say, Beamdog would have been wise to make the new optional stuff *off* be default for people upgrading, so they aren't thrown into a game that looks completely different.). But host of bugs and glitches there is not. The game runs smoother, better and with fewer bugs than *ever* before. The only glitchiness I had was trying to continue a previous save that came from a modded game. (even with the mods re-installed, the save game was a loss.)

  • FranpaFranpa Member Posts: 637
    edited April 2016
    I got a 0KB update on Steam today (I'm not in any beta). Is this indicative of changes to a beta branch (like the v1.3 branch)?

  • NeishonNeishon Member Posts: 3
    So there was a patch I downloaded for Baldur's Gate yesterday(can't find what the patch did anywhere), but it seems like the weird bugs and crashes for 1.3 stopped, or at least for as far as I know. However every several seconds or more, the game freezes for a second. It's not unplayable but it is quite jarring. I just want to ask what's up with the patch and will this little issue be addressed?

  • SirBatinceSirBatince Member Posts: 860
    edited April 2016
    nevermind its working

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