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Has how backstabs are calculated changed after last patch?

I have been reading the manual (the new one we got with SoD) and it says that Strenght (and other situational bonuses) are never taking into account when multiplying damage. This is, let´s say you have a x3 backstab damage and 18 STR (that gives +2 damage). You backstab and get 4 points of damage, so you would make 4*3+2 damage, for a total of 14 damage. Is this the way is calculated? Are magical bonuses taking into account when multiplying or they just add after multiplying? (like STR)?



  • RumorsGuildRumorsGuild Member Posts: 9
    My understanding and experience (even before Enhanced Edition BG) is: backstab damage includes other static bonuses (like "Legacy of the Masters" / Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise before multiplying, and strength afterwards. The new manual makes this explicit, but though it may not have been mentioned before, this is how it has been done for years. I think I first discovered this when I had a Fighter/Thief that finally, in ToB, equipped Crom Fayre in the off-hand slot and it was clear that backstab damage (x5) wasn't including the different strength until after the multiplier (the to-hit bonus was helpful regardless of course).

  • helmo1977helmo1977 Member Posts: 364
    Yes. My bad. Apparently STR has never been taken into account in backstabs multipliers.

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