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REQUEST: Familiars Mod

noctem93noctem93 Member Posts: 63
edited April 2016 in BGII:EE Mods
There's a pretty sweet looking mod for BGT/BG2 that allows for alternate familiars and that lets familiars level-up; but it isn't compatible with BGEE. I've spoken to the author, who doesn't have EE and therefore can't alter the mod for compatibility, and I have ZERO coding experience. Is there anyone here with either a) recommendations for a good Familiars mod that works in EE, or b) who can mod the original mod for EE compatibility? The author said that he would be happy to offer assistance if anyone wanted to port it over to BGEE/BG2EE.

Anyone here who can help? I'd really like to play with a mod that enhanced the (IMO) bland familiar system implemented in the official releases.


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