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[Help] New to Near infinity - some questions!

Zendog7Zendog7 Member Posts: 29
Hi all.

First-time poster but long-time BG enthusiast.

Recently decided to attempt some simple modding beyond using gate/shadow/eekeeper which I've used for years now.

So, near infinity. In my brain I have thousands of ideas I'd like to try, and I have very little idea about how to implement any of them. So far I've figured out how to create a copy of an item to modify, and by copying/referencing existing items figured out how to change it's colour and make it glow/pulse. I also made a bow that shot 11 magic missiles 3 times per round that hit their target including all my +dmg modifiers. Actually lol'd at my screen.

For now, I'm mostly interested in item modification. I'm not even too fussed about changing the name/descriptions yet, I would just like to grasp exactly how to make items do what I want them to.

For example, Longsword+2, Varscona. (Probably my favourite weapon, as sad as it is I will never forget the wonderment I felt when I first killed Graywolf 15years or so ago and couldn't identify the inevitably badass sword he dropped). Digressed already, sorry.

I would like to figure out whereabouts in nearinfinity the +1 cold damage comes from. I can't see anything that seems logical.

Copy/pasted from NI item ability page for SW1h06
Range (feet) 1
Launcher required None (0)
Speed 3
Bonus to hit 2
Dice size 8
# dice thrown 1
Damage bonus 2
Damage type Slashing (3)
# effects 1
First effect index 5
# charges 0

Only things I don't understand here are # effects and First effect index fields. Then at the bottom, if I highlight the 'effect' field, i get:

Type: Damage (12)
Target: Preset target (2)
Power: 0
Unknown: 01 00 00 00 h
Unknown: 00 00 02 00 h
Timing mode: Instant/Permanent until death (1)
Dispel/Resistance: Dispel/Not bypass resistance (1)
Duration: 0
Probability 1: 100
Probability 2: 0
Unknown: 00 00 00 a4 14 24 00 04 h
# dice thrown/maximum level: 0
Dice size/minimum level: 6
Save type: ( No save )
Save bonus: 0
Unknown: 00 00 00 00 h

Again, I understand most of this.. there's no save against the damage, it doesn't bypass MR, it will definately happen on every hit. The Unknown fields are confusing me a lot though.

Basically I'd like to be able to add different types of elemental damage to weapons/projectiles. I'm sure I'll have other (less long-winded) questions on other areas of modding before long, but if anyone could shed any light on this particular aspect for me I'd be ever so grateful.




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