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Pick Your Poison - Choices for Assassin and Blackguard poison weapon ability

ArnaeusArnaeus Member Posts: 90
edited April 2016 in General Modding
Disclaimer: my testing of this mod was about 10 minutes with each version, making sure I could create a character of that class and that the poison appeared to be working correctly. This is very much a beta so use at your own (and your save files) risk.

So I made a Weidu install script with 4 options. I apologize if I'm doubling up on the work someone else has done but all I was able to find on the forum is just the .spl file to chuck in your overwrite if you wish.

1)Outright reverts poison to the old version. This will effect enemies as well (which may make them overpowered given enemies having the ability was one of the concerns that motivated the change from beamdog)
2)Revert Assassins poison only. This changes the poison granted on level up to assassins back to the old version. Probably the most balanced option.
3)Revert Blackguard poison only. As above except with the blackguard
4)Revert Assassin and Blackguard. This changes both the assassin and blackguard poison back to the 1.3 version but given it is a new spell file it should not affect enemies.

I'm also considering modding in a halfway version between the two but that is for later on.



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