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****Spoiler******Missing Monsters on Core Rules

MrBungleMrBungle Member Posts: 50
edited April 2016 in Troubleshooting
Playing core rules in Ulcasters ruins there were no spiders and from that point on only the vampiric wolf. No dread wolves. About 6 monsters missing total. All of them should be there playing core rules for no reload right?

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  • IthualIthual Member Posts: 136
    They should definitely all be there.. Maybe a bug? Not experienced this myself.

  • MrBungleMrBungle Member Posts: 50
    edited April 2016
    So I downloaded SoD, started a new game with charname shaman, went to Ulcasters. No spiders and only the vampiric wolf after that point. Could be a bug that assigns easy setting monster levels to core rules play. I wonder how many people have started a new BG EE after downloading SoD. We may not see more people having a problem with this until later. Although I have to say, either my skill level is not up to the no reload challange in SoD first time or not many are taking that approach.

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