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JKits V7 (Kenshei, Undead Eliminator, Amazon) 3/20/18

joshuar9476joshuar9476 Member Posts: 30
edited March 21 in BG:EE Mods
These are two kits I created for my own personal use. I have decided to share them if anyone wants to use them. They are a bit cheesy, but I have enjoyed using them. I haven't yet tested them thoroughly in EE, but they worked in BGT.


The kenshei are considered to be held at a high standard of perfection with their weapon. And even though they tend to travel alone and keep to themselves, the kenshei name is an honorary title given to warriors of legendary skill in swordsmanship.

: Grand Mastery in single and two weapon styles
: +2 to maximum dexterity
: Immunity to backstabbing
: +1 bonus to hit and damage at level 1 and then every 5 levels up to level 20
: -2 to Armor Class at level 1 and then -1 every 5th level up to level 20
: -1 to weapon speed at level 1 and then -1 every 5th level up to level 20
: +10% slashing and piercing resistance at level 1 and an additional +10% at level 15
: Gains Disarm ability at levels 6, 12 and 18. Has a 50% chance to make opponent drop their weapon.
: Gains Precision Strike ability at levels 7, 14 and 21. Grants a +3 THAC0 bonus for three rounds, does 1d10 damage to target, and has a 25% chance to stun target.

: May not wear helmets, armor, or gauntlets
: May only place points in single handed swords, single weapon style and two weapon style
: Requires: 15 dexterity
: -2 to maxium charisma

Undead Eliminator

The Eliminator of the Undead spend their life seeking out and destroying mummies, vampires, ghouls, and any other undead.

: +3 to hit and damage vs. undead creatures
: Immunity to hold
: Immunity to level drain, Vampire Fear, and Domination at level 5
: Can cast the Priest spell "False Dawn" at level 10, 15 and 20

: Must be good aligned
: May only place points in piercing and crushing weapons
: May not place points in missle weapons
: Can not wear full plate or plate mail armor
: May only dual to a Cleric


Amazons are female warriors in a male-dominated world. Their civilization may have been created by a deity who likes women, they might have been women who rebelled against male domination and decided to rule themselves, or they might simply have been matriarchal societies from long before recorded history.
Whatever their origin, they now live in civilizations or communities where women occupy the positions and roles traditionally held by men, especially the role of warriors and adventurers.
An Amazon culture may be small (a single town or island) or large (an entire country or continent), very advanced or very primitive. Some Amazon cultures keep men as servants and slaves, a stern reversal of the former status; others have no men in their communities, and take long holidays in order to visit friendly neighbouring tribes of men; others perpetuate their kind by being very hospitable to adventurers passing through their territory.
Amazons are generally respected as highly proficient warriors, their weapons of choice being spears and bows. They also have a knowledge of poisons, and a mild affinity with the natural world. Due to their female status, Amazons are often greatly underestimated, and they are quick to use this, along with any other, advantage in battle.

- Can poison weapons such as spears at level 10
- Can charm animals once every 4 levels
- Can use their female status to an advantage by using First Strike at levels 1, 10 and 14 (This grants them +3 damage and a superb bonus to their THAC0 for the first or second hit)
- Gain 1D10+1 hit points as opposed to 1D10

- Cannot be of Lawful alignment
- Can only use spears, axes, hammer, club, mace, and quarterstaff with any skill.
- Can only obtain Grand Mastery with spears, club, quarterstaff, and two handed weapons.
- May not place any points in two weapon skill.
- Wears no armour greater than splint mail
- Must be a Human or Half-Elf

Edit: 5/14/2013 - I have rebuilt the Undead Eliminator kit from scratch and changed many of the Advantages.

Edit: 1/25/2016 - I have updated the kits. The new file can be found at the end.

Edit 1/26/2016 - Added the RTT and Jarno's Amazon kit with some of my own changes

Edit 3/20/2018 - Made the mod compatible with EET

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  • lunarlunar Member Posts: 3,325
    I like the concepts. A few questions, though. 'May not put proficiency points' mean they never get a proficiency in that weapon but CAN they still equip the weapon and attack with penalty? At higher lvls, non-proficiency penalty is not that bad. So a kenshin can equip two handed swords? Or can undead eliminator ever shoot a bow?

    Also, isn't energy drain the same as level drain? Or you meant 'ability score drain' like those shadows drain STR per hit? And Undead eliminators really need a charm-domination immunity or ability that grants resistance to it, otherwise vampires will make fun of them with their dominating gaze. Just a thought. ^^

  • joshuar9476joshuar9476 Member Posts: 30
    edited May 2013
    1. They can not put any pips in that spot. SO i f you start a new character and get to the weapons, those that are not allowed will be blank. They can, however, purchase and equip the unusable weapons. So far as I know, this is the only way to do it.

    2. Energy drain is temporary and level drain is permanent (edit: i guess it's also stat drain). I'll look into the charm-domination thing.

    Post edited by joshuar9476 on
  • joshuar9476joshuar9476 Member Posts: 30
    Also, if you start off with the Undead Eliminator ... you have have some funky glowing resistance given to you. I'm still trying to find that one out in the code, but it goes away after a bit.

  • joshuar9476joshuar9476 Member Posts: 30
    I based the Undead Eliminator off of a mixture of the Vampire Hunter and the Vindicator, both from TDD. Neither had protection from Charm or Domination. I'm afraid that the immunity to hold is actually not what I'm looking for ... I think I need immunity from ghouls touch. It was intended to fight paralysis from the ghouls in the first Baldur's Gate.

  • lunarlunar Member Posts: 3,325
    edited May 2013
    Only temporary energy drain effect is from Shadow dragon breath, IIRC. Other lvl drains (vampire, wight, wraith, spectre) are all permanent until restored. Shadow's attack that drains strength is temporary, ofcourse.

    Yeah a generic hold immunity is too powerful, does it also protect against stun? In some BG2 installations free action effect used to give immunity to stun effects of powerword:stun, symbol:stun, Celestial fury stun. etc.

    I still think immunity to vampire gaze should be in. Is it possible to give the kit immunity to vampire gaze spell file, and only to that? For example, sirines and normal mages should be able to charm and dominate the undead eliminator, but a vampire can never hold sway on him.

  • joshuar9476joshuar9476 Member Posts: 30
    Ok, I'm reworking the second kit. I've removed the Immune to Hold and hope to replace it with something to combat ghasts and ghouls (they basically use their hands as weapons, and that's what paralyses you.)

    I also removed the immunity to energy drain at level 5 and hope to replace it with immunity to vampire's charm or domination. I've asked for help over at G3, for these edits are above my head (creating spl files).

  • joshuar9476joshuar9476 Member Posts: 30
    I have rebuilt the Undead Eliminator kit from scratch. The kit is now immune to hold from the ghouls and ghasts (unfortunately everything else that can cause hold too) from the start and gains immunity to Vampire Fear, Domination, and level drain at level 5. I tested it with BG2 and got what I think are most of the kinks out. I had to build the immunities from scratch, so chances are they still might be bugs. PLease let me know if you encounter any.

  • joshuar9476joshuar9476 Member Posts: 30
    Well, after a three year long absence, I have finally made my Kits compatible with 1.3 and whatever else. I still haven't purchased BG2:EE, so if this does or doesn't work there, please let me know.

  • joshuar9476joshuar9476 Member Posts: 30
    I have added an Amazon kit from RTT and Jarno's MegaModKits. I also made a few changes to the kits as well.

  • ReddbaneReddbane Member Posts: 177
    Shar-Teel could probably be a (wannabe) Amazon, even though she was raised in Baldur's Gate.

  • ReddbaneReddbane Member Posts: 177
    Sorry for the double post, but what is the RP reason Kenshei can't use (or at least use well) two-handed swords; i can't see a balance reason since Two-handed style is rather under powered compared to Two weapon style. Wielding a very large sword with two hands doesn't seem any less honorable than wielding one small sword in each hand.

  • joshuar9476joshuar9476 Member Posts: 30
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