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Using an EEkeeper Effect to change Armor color

ReddbaneReddbane Member Posts: 222
So while browsing EEkeeper I noticed you could add an Effect to change the color aspects of a characters, colors that you can't normally change in the appearance tab such as Armor or Blade color. I would love to use this to make certain characters more unique in appearance even while wearing armor, such as making Dorn wear all black armor, or Keldorn Gold. However to change the color you must choose a number in the Gradient entry, and I have no idea which number equals which color, and I would really prefer not to simply have to try random numbers to find out what colors they are. Does anyone know how I would go about finding which numbers equal what colors? Do they correspond to the codes in the appearance tab? For reference here is the entry in EEkeeper:
Colour: Set Character colours by Palette [7]

Alters the colour of the area specified by the 'Location' field, to the colour gradient specified by the 'Gradient Number' field.

Known values for 'Location' are:
00 Belt Buckle (on armour) or amulets (on robes) - entire body for some animations
01 Minor colour
02 Major colour
03 Skin colour
04 Strap colour (on armour) or minor trimming (on robes - the centre strip down a robe and the hem on some robes)
05 Armor colour (and major trimming on robe - cross trim and cape trim on robe of archmagi)
06 Hair colour
16 Quillons or Crossguard
20 Grip (usually not visible as it's in the characters hand)
21 Blade or major portion of weapon
32 Shield hub
33 Shield interior
34 Shield panelling
34 Helmet misc
37 Shield rim
48 Helm ornamentation - i.e. wings
49 Helm ornamentation - i.e. feathers/horsehair
50 Helm ornamentation - i.e. feathers/horsehair
52 Helm face
53 Helm - the main covering


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