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Share/Testing Experiences with Stealth

ChippyChippy Member Posts: 241
There have been reports that stealth isn't working as it did in BG1, that if you hide, approach enemies, backstab etc and then hide again/use invisibility potions, that all enemies will traverse the map to wherever the rest of your party is (obviously even if they haven't been seen by the enemies).

So I rolled a Shadowdancer, no mods, (as an aside I think I got 40 points at level 1, 20 at 2 and only 10 over the next few levels, before 20 again at level 5-7) and tested it in the black pits. Most enemies continued to follow my character about in stealth. This is obviously with 100 in stealth and move silently.

I remember this from BG2, but always assumed it was the stalkers stealth getting too high and that problem kicking in of thieving skills resetting once maxed out.

Then I imported that character into BG1 and tested it on the rats and the other 2 enemies encountered in candlekeep, and found they didn't track my character.

In another thread (that doesn't seem to update onto the main SOD page when posted on):
A developer mentioned that enemies will actively search for stealth characters, but that the current system isn't optimised and needs tweaking (think that was the gist of it). @Lore kindly mentioned that it was just the first group of enemies that were a problem.

So please share your stealth experiences, across BG1,2 and SOD, as it seems a bit unclear if it's a major problem or not.



  • jtthjtth Member Posts: 169
    They aren't so much as searching as just finding you, then spreading out while keeping you in sight, even if you're completely undetectable. They'll also pat to wherever you hid *first*, then find you.

    Incredibly annoying.

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