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Newb Shadowkeeper Help

fishhead202fishhead202 Member Posts: 25
I've been searching the forums for what must be common questions, and am still having trouble. I apologize, this feels like the kind of issues that someone who knows what they're doing will roll their eyes at because it's stupid and basic.

I've got EE and EE2 through Steam. I'd like to modify the NPCs. From my research, shadowkeeper seems to be the go-to. It's downloaded, and I'm looking at the instructions on this site, but nothing seems to line up.

During Set-up, I've run the zip, and made a new profile name.

The install directory I set to *.data. There are no subfolders as there seemed to be in the example.

I can't choose a language. There are no languages that generate in the drop-down.

I set the 'Save Data' to the same *data directory. I'm not sure if this matters.

SK doesn't seem to be able to read anything really, and I honestly don't even know what it's looking for.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Just wanted some minor NPC mods to give their classes a big more character.

Thanks in advance!


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