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[Known] No tooltips on Mac

DeverothDeveroth Member Posts: 28
edited May 2016 in Troubleshooting
there are currently no tooltips in the world when playing on mac. Normally, when mousing over an NPC or object, a tooltip should appear next to the mouse cursor. this does not happen on the Mac version of the game.

not only is this bug prevalent, common among all Mac users, but the newly implemented tooltips look horrendous in comparison to the rest of the game. The old tooltips before 2.0 rolled out in the form of a scroll; the new ones are just plain white text on blank black background. It looks cheap.

The bug absolutely NEEDS to be fixed. the other is a suggestion.

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  • CerevantCerevant Member Posts: 2,311
    I've updated your ticket and submitted it.

  • DeverothDeveroth Member Posts: 28
    just to be clear, I am only referring to in world tooltips; the ones that appear on the HUD work fine.

  • DeverothDeveroth Member Posts: 28
    see beamdog, now this is ridiculous. now this is where i have to write negative reviews for your game on steam and gog because you can't fix problems that you created, that weren't in the original games, that you've now had 2 patches to fix. this is where i begin to lose faith in you as a multiplatform developer. this is where i doubt if i'll ever pay for another beamdog product again.
    i've complained about this before, here and on steam, hoping to get a fix. there is none, so i'll say it again.


    they do not appear in world when hovering the mouse over characters or monsters. the only way to see who a character is before speaking to them is to press TAB, in which case the tooltips DO appear. it's not like you guys don't have the assets; they're clearly already in game. whatever you did to break it between BGEE and the new interface released with SoD, UN-f******-DO it. please. at this point you're only hurting your own future revenue.

  • jtthjtth Member Posts: 169
    Good lord, calm down. No one is making a buying decision over a tooltip error. It's somewhat bothersome, but getting used to pressing TAB works fine for me.

  • DeverothDeveroth Member Posts: 28
    calm down? lol...maybe stay out of it? if it doesn't bother you maybe don't comment in the thread written by someone who it bothered?

    i absolutely AM making a buying a decision over a tooltip error, because it's indicative of how beamdog can't fix a problem they've created, and how the Mac platform is treated as a second priority.

    I'm glad you don't care, but your comfort with a bug isn't helping anyone. it's broken. after first not being broken, and then after two patches. it shouldn't be. it still is. THAT is a problem.

  • DeverothDeveroth Member Posts: 28
    edited May 2016
    even a half assed:

    "We're working on it, but for some unfathomable reason restoring tooltips is an incredibly, massively, ridiculously difficult, borderline-impossible task that we need multiple months and patches to fix."

    would be super welcome from beamdog. instead we get nothing.

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