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Changing Item Restrictions

ReddbaneReddbane Member Posts: 222
I’m preparing to start editing and making custom kits of my own but one thing I have questions about is changing, adding, and removing item restrictions.

The first question is about setting up item restrictions using effects. I notice there are two entries that would seem to do this, “[180] Can’t Use Item” and “[181] Can’t Use Itemtype.” The use of “Can’t Use Item” is rather self-explanatory, you merely enter the String Reference of the desired item you want the class not to use, but “Can’t Use Itemtype”, which would seem to have broader uses, is less clear as it asks for “Item type.” Does anyone know where I can find a list of the codes for Item types as well as an identification of what they refer to?

The second question is more general: is there a easy way to alter a class’s item restrictions when creating a new kit, and moreover is there a way to ensure that it applies to new Items introduced by other mods, or do I have to recode each individual item to be usable by the specific kit? Say for example I wanted to create a mage kit that can gradually learn to wear heavier armors and cast spells; which also brings up the question as to how can I make it so that certain kit can cast spells in Heavy armors?

The third question is: is there a way to make it so that certain one-handed weapons can only be equipped in the main hand and not the offhand?



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