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Creating Acid Damage-over-time effect in custom weapon with NI and other questions!

Zendog7Zendog7 Member Posts: 29
edited May 2016 in General Modding
Hi all.
Fairly simple request I hope.. I'm making a custom Katana among other things and I've been trying to create a similar effect to that of Melf's acid arrow for it.

I can achieve something close to what I want with opcode25 (poison), but being the perfectionist I am I want it to read as acid damage in the combat log and not poison. The weapon will be called 'Troll Hunter' (in homage to everyone's favourite Norweigan film) so it really is preferable to me to have the DoT as acid and not poison, I'd like to reference lasting corrosion dmg in the wounds the weapon creates in the description when I come to write it.

I can get the acid dmg icon to show in the affected mobs portrait (tested on party members) but i can't figure out how to implement the damage in the weapon abilities section of NI.

I tried instant/duration and delay/duration parameters, but I can't get the steady ticking of, say, 1dmg/3sec over 3 just deals the dmg either on hit or all at the end of the stated duration.

Any help will be appreciated as always, thanks!

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  • AionZAionZ Member Posts: 3,033
    You can use multiples of the same effect and set them to trigger after different delayed durations (e.g. set one to deal damage after 6s, another after 12s and so on)

  • Zendog7Zendog7 Member Posts: 29
    Aahhh I did wonder if that might be the solution..will give that a whirl later. Thanks very much! =)

  • Zendog7Zendog7 Member Posts: 29
    I've another question..

    Another weapon I'm making, I would like to have a sort of 'lifesteal' effect.

    I don't want to use Larlochs minor drain or vampiric touch for this as they will boost the weapons damage too much, instead I'd rather use something like 'increase current hp' like Adjatha the drinker does (sw1h35).

    However, I would like the amount healed to be a % of the damage inflicted by the weapon on that swing. I can't figure out how though. I can get it to heal me a % of my total hp, or by a flat value. % of damage done evades me though.

    Thanks in advance, as usual =)

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