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Making a Druid/Thief

jtthjtth Member Posts: 169
edited May 2016 in General Modding
I'm pretty new to the whole modding thing, but I've done things in NearInfinity and EEKeeper and know how to install and modify mods.

How would I go about making a druid/thief, and in particular a totemic druid thief? I have a fantasy, and that fantasy is summoning things to distract enemies while I backthwack them with staves and clubs and scimitars and daggers.

Any insight into how to get started with this would be greatly appreciated.



  • AquadrizztAquadrizzt Member Posts: 958
    I believe Faiths and Powers will ultimately make this possible, as we're converting Druid into a Cleric kit if I remember correctly.

    The game engine will now allow any non-existing dual or multiclass to exist, and will behave quite weirdly if you try. The only option, which is what FnP is doing, is making Druid a Cleric kit and then using some method (EEKeeper, a kit tome, an invisible creature...) to make a Cleric/Thief into a "Totemic Druid"/Thief.

  • jtthjtth Member Posts: 169
    Thanks to FnP I was able to make a thief -> druid dual class that I can make a simulacrum of a totemic druid using EEKeeper and NearInfinity. Thank y'all so much! This is gonna be a fun full SCS insane run.

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