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My Baldur's Gate Fanfic

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"Who are-" Lucca saw the dagger and stopped in mid sentance. The man who had suddenly appeared in her room probably intended to sneak up on her while she was reading. Luckily, she glanced up to look out the window and caught him in the corner of her eye. He was a human, tall, brown hair and looked fairly strong. At first she assumed he was lost. Candlekeep Library was a popular stop for travelling scholars and the wealthy. Sometimes these tourists would forget that people actually lived inside the library. She thought this man was one such person. That assumption only lasted a second though - she saw he was holding a dagger in his hand.

The man seemed surprised himself that his sneak attept had failed. He composed himself a lot faster than she did however. He began to bolt at her.

"Guards!" She screamed as she jumped up from her desk. Seconds mattered. She made a grab for anything she could off of her desk to ward off her attacker. Luckily she happened to be drinking a glass of Firewine while she sat there. She had just enough time to smash him in the face with it as he lunged at her.

Her Elvan dexterity matched with a fresh bottle to her opponants face helped her evad the first attack. The man threw his dagger across the room as he covered his face and screamed in pain. She had to make it past him. If she could do that she could run and get help. Her desk was boxxed in between two corners of the room - the only way out was to brush by her attacker.

She did so without hesitation - but her attempt failed. The man noticed her and threw his weight behind his elbow - he knocked her hard in the gut and smacking her down too the floor. Before she could squirm away the man managed to grab hold of her leg.

"You'll pay for that wretch!" He growled. Lucca turned her head back to see an angry, bloody mad man. He reached down to his leg with his other hand - he had another dagger! Lucca attempted to grab it before he could but he just jerked her leg, causing her to tumble onto her back.

"What in the Nine Hells is do you think yer doing scumbag!" A familiar voice boomed.

Thank the gods it was Hull.

The man immediately dropped her and turned his attention to the Watcher. She managed to scurry away while Hull closed in with his quarter staff. The man freed his second dagger and tried to attack the Watcher. For his transgression Hull smacked the dagger out of his hands.

Paniced, the man turned and made towards the window.

"There's no escape that way you idiot!" Hull yelled at him as the fool dove through the window. He fell four stories. Hull ran towards the window and briefly looked down. Confirming the attackers death, he turned his attention towards Lucca.

"Hull, I think you just saved my life!" Lucca groaned.

"Who in the Hells was that?" Hull looked worried. "You owe someone money or somethin'?"

"I have no idea." Lucca frowned.

Two other Watcher's entered her room having heard the screams. Hull directed them to fetch her foster father, Gorion, and inform administrator Ulrant of what had happened. In the meantime Lucca had gotten up off the floor and moved over to her bed. she fell onto it. That few seconds had taken the energy right out of her.

Hull waited with her while Gorion was being summoned. Hull questioned her for an hour, taking breaks only when his brothers in the watch came in with new information about the attacker. She reiterated that she had no idea who that man was, or why he tried to kill her. Lucca had lived in the secluded Library fortress her entire life - there was no way she could have enemies. Due to this Hull eventually concluded that the attacker, now identified by the Gate Warden as Carbos, targetted her at random and that she was no longer in danger on account of him being dead.

As if it was any comfort...

Finally Gorion arrived. She stood up and embraced her father. He had been her caretaker her entire life. Having never known her real parents this grey bearded old Human was all she had for family, but also all she needed.

"Are you alright child?" Gorion asked.

"I'll survive." Lucca sighed and detached from her hug.

"This is the first an attack happened in this keep under my watch...." Hull said. "Normally I just have to knock the sense into my drunken brothers..."

"Thank you for your expediance Hull. With any luck it'll be the last time." Gorion replied.

"For today it will be at least." Hull glanced over at her and smiled reassuringly. "The Watch is on full alert, we're shaking down every bloody guest in this keep. Likely you'll have to apologize to Administrator Ulrant for the inconvinance BUT at least he won't kill yea for it."

Lucca managed a chuckle through her unease. He was probably right about Ulrant getting angry at her.

"I understand Hull." Gorion replied. "I'd like some time alone with my daughter, if that's alright."

"Of course." Hull replied. "I'm sure you can handle things from here, I'll go report to the Gate Warden."

"Thank you again Hull, I appreciate it!" Lucca said.

"No problem, aiding damsels in distress is what I do!" He stated. "Granted it's usually Phlydia and the aiding is a lot more mundane." He muttered as he walked away.

Gorion watched Hull as he disappeared though the door. Then waited until he could no longer hear the Watcher moving down the hall. He turned to her with a very concerned expression on his face.

"I'm alright." Lucca tried to ease him. "Really!"

"We need to leave Candlekeep Luciana..." Gorion replied.

"What why?" Lucca replied. "It was a random attack and nothing more! We're still safe here!" She said. The thought had crossed her mind that the attacker was from Gorion's past. In his youth he was an adventurer and likely had enemies. When she was very young they moved to Candlekeep so he could raise her safely.

If he thought his enemies had caught up with him he'd want to flee with her again. But she felt he was being paranoid. Carbos didn't come after him.

"We are not." Gorion sighed. "You have to trust me when I tell say you are no longer safe here. You may have survived the first assassination attempt, but more will follow."

"Assassination attempt?" Lucca stuttered. "What do you mean? Is there something you're not telling me?"

"I wish I could tell you child, but there are too many ears within the keep. We need to leave and travel east to the Friendly Arm Inn. I have some old friends waiting for us there..." Gorion said.

"You've thought this out..." Lucca whimpered.

"I sent the message the moment I learned you had been attacked." Gorion said.

"This is all a bit overwhelming..." Lucca steped back towards her bed. "I think I need to sit down..."

Gorion grabbed a pouch of coins off his belt.

"Take all the time you need, but be ready to travel at dusk tonight." He said.

She took the pouch of coins.

"Alright father..." She sighed. "But I expect an explanation once we're outside Candlekeep!"

"I promise you, everything will be revealed in time." He gazed at her sorrowfully. "I'm sorry, but I need to go speak with Ulrant now. Go to Winthrops when your ready."

The old man turned from her and headed out the door. Lucca sat there, staring down at the gold. Processing everything that had happened. She was so confused, and now a little afraid. She decided it was best to do exactly what her father said. Try not to dwell on situation - The unknowns would drive her mad.

Finally she left her room and made her way through the library. At this point many people had heard of the attack. Lucca had to stop many times to assure those concerned that everything was alright.

In her free moments she wondered what it was like outside the keep. Even with her currented troubles, the Sword Coast was currently undergoing it's own. For the past year she had been hearing of an Iron Crises wrecking havok on the region. The main source of Iron in the Sword Coast Region was the Nashkel Mines just beyond the boarder of the nation of Amn. Lately it had been producing tainted ore, which caused everything from weapons to simple tools to deteriorate quickly and break. To make the situation even more dire, the two major bandit clans of the region, The Black Talons and The Chill, had started stepping up raids on caravans and unprotected settlements throughout Baldur's Gate. The local Militia, The Flaming Fist, was doing it's best to get a handle on the situation - to no avail. The situation likely wouldn't improve until Amn dealt with it's tainted Iron.

The entire region was desperate and they were about to step right into it...

As she pondered a hand suddenly grabbed her shoulder. Fearing another assassin she screamed in surprised as the unknown figure pushed her against the wall. It was a young woman with brown hair and eyes. One she knew very well.

"Imoen you annoying little-" Lucca gritted. "I told you to stop doing that!"

"Just practicing my sneak sis'!" Imoen patted her on the shoulder and grinned. "Certainly a lot of hung over guards wondering around today. I've got enough loose change for a few flagons of mead.. But enough about that! How are you today?"

"Didn't you hear, I was attacked!" Lucca stated.

"What?!" Her jaw dropped. "Who the heck would wanna hurt you, you're like the second best person in this place! Obviously me being the first OF COURSE!"

"I have no idea Imoen, maybe enemies of Gorion!" Lucca replied. "I've been given some gold and asked to ready myself for travel."

"Can I come?" Imoen frowned.

"I seriously doubt Gorion would allow that." Lucca sighed.

"Oh I know that!" She scowled at her. "I meant to the store with you oaf!"

"Of course, of course, come help me shop!" Lucca smiled.

"Yea I'll make sure you get the best deal with ol'Puffgutts!" Imoen replied with her nickname for Winthrop.


"What about this?" Imoen grabbed a green cap and tossed it over Lucca's blond hair. "It goes with that green dress yer wearing. Also have you considered dying that pale hair of yours? Maybe brown like mine!"

"I need weapons and armor, not hats and shoes... well... Maybe a good pair of boots..." Lucca pondered.

"Yea but yer not gonna be dressed in leather and chain all the time - you're going to need to look good! Elves are very classy, just look at old Firebead!" Imoen stated. Lucca glanced over to see the old Elf in his fancy, also green, Mage Robes devouring porriage. His Elvan ears picked up Imoen's statement and he slowly lowered his spoon back into his porriage and caughed. He glanced at Lucca wearily.

"Well... That hat does look good..." Lucca sighed and looked back down at the cap.

"I thought you'd like it! You need to listen to me more often!" Imoen said.

"Just make sure I get a Long Sword and Chainmail OK." Lucca glanced nervously at Winthrop.

"Of course." Winthrop replied.

While securing her equipment she noticed Imoen grab some studded leather of her own and move towards the weapons.

"You're not going." Lucca repeated.

"Yea, yea I heard yea, Gorion would never allow it." Imoen said. "I'm just trying stuff on alright?!"

"I'm going to miss you yea know." Lucca saddened.

"I'm sure we'll see eachother again soon." Imoen replied.

"Right! I'll be sure to come back for you when I'm a seasoned adventurer!" Lucca grinned.

"More likely you'll be comin' back to me for help!" Imoen smirked. "Just stay alive long enough for me to bail you out ok?"

"I promise to try." Lucca sighed.

Once her buisness was concluded Lucca gave her old friend Imoen a farewell hug and said goodbye. She made her way to the front gates of the keep where Gorion was waiting for her.

"I hope you're ready child, we need to get to the Friendly Arm Inn as quickly as possible. The road will be dangerous but I'm confident I can keep you safe if you stick close to me." Gorion greeted her.

"Who will we be meeting at the Friendly Arm again?" Lucca asked.

"Some old aquintances of mine; Minsc and Dynaheir. They will wait a tenday for either of us to appear, so if we become separated it is imparative that you make your way to them as quickly as possible. They're a Rashemei couple and shouldn't be too hard to spot - They will also be looking for you."

"Very well... Let's get this show on the road... as they say..." Lucca replied.
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    Wow, first post and you're already sharing writing? Nice! :smiley: Welcome to the forums, friend!

    You have a good sense of pacing, and I was pleased to see that this story didn't drag out the beginning like so many fics tend to do (mine included...). The scene where Imoen and Lucca go shopping was cute, and I especially liked this line from Hull:

    "No problem, aiding damsels in distress is what I do!" He stated. "Granted it's usually Phlydia and the aiding is a lot more mundane."

    It conjured an image of Hull riding in to Phlydia's call for help, sword brandished, fully expecting to fight off a rogue goblin that'd snuck into the fortress, only to spend the next hour looking for her missing book. :D

    But I have to ask: Dynaheir and Minsc? What happened to Khalid and Jaheira?? D:
  • GenevievesBlueGenevievesBlue Member Posts: 3
    Thanks! I appreciate the feedback ^.^. I'm glad you found some of it enjoyable, it'll encourage me to continue :)! As for Khalid and Jaheira's disappearance, I have a specific group I want to play with and I want them introduced as quickly as possible so I've shifted the cast around a bit. I don't plan on cameos for the everybody, but people may appear in unexpected places... Lucca could save Valygar from a group of Cowled Wizards in Nashkel... Or find Corwin stuck outside the city of Baldur's Gate until she's dealt with the Black Talons and the Chill...
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    They left the road twenty minuets ago in favor of the Coastways open fields. The night was cold and cloudless and the moon was full. Even without infravision the illumination from the sky made it easy to see far off in every direction - of course the ground beneath them was rough and could prove to be trouble for a human without. Elves had that advantage. She was surprised her foster father was able to make due tonight though. Perhaps he cast a spell before they departed...

    "Beautiful night, I'm glad it's so peaceful." Lucca spoke.

    "It is..." Gorion sighed. "How are you holding up now child? I hope you aren't to overwhelmed by all of this."

    "I haven't given in to hysteria yet." Lucca replied. "Right now I'm more interested in meeting your friends; Minsc and Dynaheir."

    "I'm glad you haven't, but it's best not to forget we're being hunted." Gorion replied.

    "I haven't forgotten father. We could be ambushed by assassins, or we could be ambushed by an Ogre or a Troll. I'm alert for anything, our pursuers are just a drop in the Mean Bucket out here."

    "That's my girl, keep your head and focus on the task at hand - we might survive this..." Gorion sounded proud.

    "If I don't, gods forbid, I just want you to know that you're a wonderful father and I'm proud to be your daughter." Lucca replied.

    "Please, you're going to make an old man-" Gorion cut himself off and came to an abrupt stop. His back was turned to her, staring at something...

    When she looked, the first thing she noticed was a pair of glowing golden eyes staring at her off in the distance. There were two humanoid figures further out in the field, the one with the golden eyes was a bit taller that the other, whose eyes were not illuminated by some sort of magic. With the aid of the moonlight she could tell that they were both wearing metal armor. Lucca and her father stood in silent shock.

    "Stay close child." Gorion whispered. Before he could finish the sentance the two figures began to dash towards them at super human speed. Lucca gasped in surprise. "Don't move!" Gorion whispered harshly.

    Within seconds the two figures closed the distance between them. The smaller one was a woman, who Lucca could barely pay attention to as she was fixated with terror at the sight of her companion. The one with the glowing eyes towered over the three of them, he wore a full suit of dark plate mail that seemed to be fashioned to make him look like a big metallic skeleton. Lucca stared slack jawed, her heart pounding she looked to Gorion, hoping he could chase them away somehow...

    "It would seem you were correct m'lord. Carbos and Shank were able to flush them both out of Candlekeep." The woman in plate spoke. The statement shook Lucca with fear.

    "That's right old man." The skeletal fiend chuckled at her father. "and you fell for it."

    Gorion stood by silently as the fiend stared him down. Lucca hoped that he wasn't in the same state she was right now.

    "You know why I'm here. Hand the girl over and I'll let you walk away." The fiend spoke.

    "Gorion..." Lucca's voice came hoarse. She could hardly believe it. They were really after her, but why? What had she done to warrant any of this!

    "You're offer is an insult. Step aside and you and your lacky will be unhurt." Gorion replied to man.

    "That's not going to happen old man." The armored fiend replied grimly. "If you'll not hand over your ward then the two of you will die here tonight!" With lightening speed the the skeletal titan drew a two-handed sword from his back. It took Lucca by such surprise that she tumbled back. Her sword own sword flew from her hands.

    "Run child! Get out of here!" Gorion screamed.

    Lucca rolled over and attempted to grab her sword again. She heard the skeletal fiend begin to lunge at her foster father - and both Gorion and the other woman start to cast magic. She looked up on time to see the plated woman materialize a flaming bow in her hands - a firey arrow took aim at Lucca's head. A blast of energy from Gorion knocked both the plated woman down and staggered the fiend. The firey bow dissipated.

    "I SAID GO NOW!" Gorion screamed at her. The Fiend lunged at him again with his sword.

    Gorion called lightening to his fingertips and blasted the fiend. The monster charged right through it. On her hands and knees all she could do was watch as he skewered her father with his massive sword.

    "FATHER!" Lucca screamed. "FATHER NO!"

    The fiend removed his sword from Gorion's chest. He kicked her foster fathers body to the ground. In his last moments Gorion looked to her with a terrified expression on his face. She sobbed and tried to reach out to him. To comfort him.

    But the skeletal fiend stepped in the way.

    Lucca lowered her head to the ground. Sobbing uncontrollably, her knuckles clenched the earth. Her father was dead. Her cries became whimpers as the sound of metal boots drew closer. Finally they were within her watery vision. The fiend was standing right above her.

    "Get up." He ordered.

    She was going to die.

    She didn't want to die.

    "Did you hear me? Get up off the dirt and face me!" The fiend growled at her.

    "I can't." Lucca could barely speak. "If I get up you'll kill me...."

    "Well I'm going to kill you anyway." The fiend scoffed at her. "You should die with some dignity at least."

    "I don't want to die!" She sobbed. "Please just leave me alone!"

    She waited down in the dirt for the killing blow. Waiting for the release of death and the end of her torment. What was taking him so long?

    "This is Gorion's Ward?" The woman in plate said.

    "It would seem so." The find sounded disappointed. "What a wretched little thing you are."

    She could say nothing. The monster was right. She was pathedic. She could do nothing but freeze and watch her father die before her - and she could do nothing but beg for her own life before her fathers killer... What right did she have to exist while her brave father laid dead - because of her!

    "Please, dear sister, you're cowardice is.... unbecoming..." The fiend sighed.

    She didn't move.

    Skeletal Fiend growled. Fed up by her cowardice.

    "VERY WELL!" He said. "Because of your pitiful display of weakness I've decided that you aren't fit to die by my hand!"

    "Shall I kill her m'lord?" The plated woman spoke.

    "No!" The Fiend bellowed. "Let the locals have her."

    In that instant the fiend slashed the side of her face with his sword. Lucca screamed and rolled around on her back. The Sword had to have some magic in it - the pain felt unnaturally hellish.

    "SHUT UP!" He yelled. Lucca's eyes popped opened to see the monster standing over her. "Lay there quietly and shut your eyes. If you open them again I'll kill you."

    Lucca did as the skeletal fiend asked. She choked down her sobs and listened for the metal boots. The fiend moved away, towards the other woman. After a few moments they both began to leave. Eventually the heavy footsteps faded. Lucca cautiously opened her eyes again and looked up at the night sky.

    Her father died protecting her from an assassin that thought she was so insignificant in the end that he didn't even see fit to slay her. As she calmed the she couldn't see a reason to get up and move on - or find a safe place to sleep. She could hear the howls of wolves in the distance... Coming for an easy meal...

    She was alone...

    After several minuets had past she began to hear softer footsteps. Something was headed right for her. She wondered if she had the power to grab her sword and defend herself... Was their even a point?


    She caught her breath. It couldn't be... She sat up immediately to see a hooded figure before her.

    "Imoen?" She whimpered.

    The hooded figure rushed over and kneeled by her side. It really was her! Lucca cried loudly as her friend embraced her. She had never been so relieved in her entire life.

    "For a moment I thought..." Imoen's voice was crackily. "It doesn't matter... I don't worry, I'm going to keep you safe, just like I promised back at the keep!"

    Her sorrow was slightly mask by a fleeting burst of joy. She wasn't going to die all alone out in the wilderness... She was going to live. At least for now...
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