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Perfect plans and Wild Magic (Theme: 0 damage taken + wild magic / Statut: DISCONTINUED)

MoonheartMoonheart Member Posts: 520
Ok, I'm up for some fun, and thus, starting this little playthrough that will end when... well, when I'm tired of it ^^

Have you ever noticed how the greatest masterminds in every story always have minions so stupid they always succeed to make fail their incredible plans?
Well, we're going to apply that to BG2 right now!

A bit of story first...

I present you Areen, a bhaalspawn raised by Gorion, and having proved to be so cunning that he mastered his inner darkness to become a Shadowdancer without any external help... before he got forced to flee Candlekeep with his sister, and ended to form a party with some sidekicks after the death of his foster father.

Areen served as a stratege during several months during which he proved to be such a fine expert of Faerun's fauna that he never failed once to design flawless strategies leading his party to perfect victories against all their opponents... alas, that was as long he was the one catching the opponents by surprise, and this naturaly turned the wrong way the day a mage named Irenicus trapped his whole party with no former warning.

Areen doesn't know that his dear foster sister Imoen and their friend Dynaheir, central characters of his strategies, are going to soon become unavailable to make his plans work... but hopefuly, he will find the help of another mage soon to help him with his strategies...

... too bad that the said mage happens to be a Wild Mage named Neera!

So... what is it about?

I'm going to run this playthrough in the folowing way:
  1. At each fight, I'll try to design a strategy to win without taking a single point of damage, relying heavily on arcane magic
  2. As soon she will becomes available, Neera will become the ONLY character of the party using the said arcane magic
  3. And... naturaly, I'll tell you how Wild Surges actualy can make a perfect plan utterly fail ^^

So, take a seat, a good drink, and let us start.

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  • MoonheartMoonheart Member Posts: 520
    edited April 2016
    Chapter 1: Introduction

    Aahh this is so good to have a trustable mage with you when you have to escape go through a dangerous place.
    Imoen and me know since a long time how to work together... we have not it since we are kids, and there is almost no need to even speak to know what each other have to do.

    The simpliest task always comes first: I go forward and locate the threat... then, I judge from there if it is something I can just take care of alone or not.
    If I can't... and without my old gear, I probably can't even deal with a single opponent alone, the simpliest way is simply to help Imoen to pick the right spell and aim it at the right point, without putting herself in the range for a retaliation

    However, it always depends of the foe... Mephits, for exemple, are often immune to fire... and for now, Imoen's spell are limited, so I make her so sign to summon some help.

    ... as long we don't encounter more oposition than this, having some summoned monsters and adding some backstab ensure an easy a quick victory, but I doubt things will stay as simple as this.... and naturaly, it doesn't take a few steps to events to prove me right, when I encounter an ogre mage.

    Good thing, even if the djini that summoned him saw through my cover, this is not the same for his summon. And I have made sure that Imoen prepared more summons on her side...

    ... for the same result. Those opponents are not intelligent enough to understand the concept of "decoys", plus, my sister knows how to summon decoys with enough teeth and claws to be a real threat by themselves.

    Sometimes, it takes something even less complicated, like just pointing out to Imoen where to throw a Fireball...

    I am the eyes and the brain, she is the fire power. It works like that since I convainced her to learn from our foster father's notes.
    This is this teamwork that forges us a way through the threats, safely and -almost- quietly, as it so often did before.

    Alas, if we safely secured the way out, and leaded our pals Jaheira and Minsc outside, we only felt again in a trap outside: The Cowled Wizards, this stupid organization, arrested both our jailor and Imoen at once.

    Jaheira and Minsc not being in state to help me much after the loss of their pairs, I asked them to take a rest the time I find some help to fill our party... alas, who can I trust actualy in Akhatla?
    We have no contacts here, and a recent encounter with a dopplerganger in the prison we just left does nothing to reassure me about the trust we can safely put on strangers around.

    I soon recieve an -interested- proposal for help from a man named Bayle... not exactly what I need the most, but an offer I can't actualy dismiss, in the current state of our strength...

    We -need- to recover Imoen, whatever the cost will be!

    Behind the scene...

    I did cover the full dungeon of the chapter 1 because things will only get interesting when Neera will join the party. All encounters have be dealt only sending summons at them, or shooting a fireball from out of the sight range of the ennemy, and no damage point was taken.

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  • MoonheartMoonheart Member Posts: 520
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    Chapter 2 - part 1: Meeting Neera

    I don't know if I'm really lucky or really unlucky, but it happened that I found a mage that can be trusted. Well... trusted about being willing to help and no willing to betray, at least.

    Neera is a old acquaintance that never got a place in our party because... well, she's a Wild Mage.
    But at the current state of affairs, far from every people we know, I wonder now if I will find any better opportunity.

    Neera's magic is perhaps slightly unstable, but she's someone that is good-intented, and a friend of ours. As soon she heard about Imoen, she proposed her help and I know she means it.
    Moreover, she's someone who returns favors, and she owe us already... and there is also an opportunity to make her owe me even more, because she seems to have new troubles with the thayan wizards

    So, I decided at least to follow her to her refuge, and make myself a bit helpful...

    The main problem is that the majority of help involves the forest beside that camp... which is now corrupted by the influence of the wild mage... so I decided to dwell in it alone for some time, until the only place I couldn't explore were guarded by an opposition too strong for me... and then, with inner sigh, I asked Neera for some magic...

    Besides the fact that I have no eyebrow anymore, that I'm now dressed in bright yellow, and almost get killed by a cow falling of the sky, it could have been worst... especialy when I saw what happened to a shaman trying to cast a spell in this damned forest!

    The good point is that I had just to let the demon take care of those foes... the bad point is that omnious feeling that I get now, everytime I ask Neera to cast a spell...
    I'm almost willing to reconsider her help, but once again: what better opportunity have I?

    I don't have time to hesitate while my sister is in prison with a psycopath that already messed with our bodies and mind too much.... so, I'll guess I'll make a prayer to Tymora and stick with that plan

    Behind the scene...

    My amazing duo is now ready! I've recruited Neera, or, as I will often call her in this playthrough "Pinky", which will then "try to help" Areen

    *starts to sings*

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  • MoonheartMoonheart Member Posts: 520
    edited April 2016
    Chapter 2 - part 2: Dealing with Thayans

    Time to get to serious things now, we need to recover a wild mage before Thayans catch him... and Thayans tend to be difficult opponents.
    Magic, and strong bodyguard, better came prepared.

    I ask Neera to memorize some Chaos spells, as it is often a good idea to use it when dealing with opponents in superior numbers, I also ask her to ready herself when we finaly reach Draxus... at the same time as the Thayans

    I have Pinky immediatly cast the said Chaos spells and some summons, when hopefuly some local guards charge to help us, turning the tide of the battle

    We finaly leave this ambush without a wound, but only to discover that another ambush awaits us outside

    Alas, Neera is not allowed to cast spells in the Streets, as we lack money to buy her a licence, and I bet those Thayan, rich as they are, do have the said licence... so I need to switch the battleground for a more advantageous one.

    Playing a bit of hide and seek by sifting before the shadows of the prime plane and those of the shadow plane, I succeed to lure the thayan knights one by one side for the local guards to dispose of them

    After a long night of hide-and-seek, luring them one after the other, I finally clear the way for Draxus... only to find that the wild mage camp as been attacked... god damnit, I have my own problems to care about, but Neera won't follow me to rescue Imoen when she has her own friend to worry about... as let's raid a Thayan Enclave... we're not at one more crazy thing...

    Checking the entrance, I notice 5 spellcasters and 2 guards. That's a lot of ways to screw my shadowplay... so I test their reaction by slipping in the shadows in the middle of the room and one of them cast True Sight immediaty: so be it, use it... I can return to the shadows as much as I want, and you'll run out of this trick

    As soon he's depleted from anti-sneaking measure, I ask Neera to wrap herself into invisibility in the corner of the room while I test my tongue to see if I can convince the shopkeeper to open me some doors... if anything bad should happen, Neera must cast a Chaos spell immediatly followed by another Invisibility, so our opponents will turns against each other while I feel into the shadows... a simple plan that cannot fail

    You failed to aim the single spell you are supposed to use? I watch, powerless, our opponent cast a Hold Person spell at Pinky and kill her with spells, raging when I escape to the temples to ask someone to resurect her...

    ~~~ Wild Magic Score ~~~
    Deaths: 1

    Returning to the enclave, I play a bit of hide and seek to lure the Thayans by the end of the room, and ask again to Neera to use Chaos and then hide herself with invisibility

    This turns better this time, and we quickly overcome the enemy just by alternating Chaos and Invisibility, and I personaly kill the two last opponents after Neera summoned two decoys first.

    Everything else in the Enclave is just a matter of patience now that Neera can stay safely by the entrance and send summon after summon that I lead on the enemy, and I finaly free the Wild Mage, scoring a scroll of Mordenkanein's Sword and a robe that will help Neera to control her magic on the way.

    But the most important point is that Pinky had now her mind free to focus on the rescue of my sister

    Areen's strategy corner

    "Hide and seek" refers to the combined use of Hide In Shadow, Backstab, and Shadowstep: usualy after a backstab, opponents don't react quick enough to prevent a Shadowdancer to use its Shadowstep, which allows the said Shadowdancer to do hit and run tactics as long he still have some charge of Shadowstep

    Opponents often try to chase the Shadowdancer anyway, so with a bit of training, using the Shadowdancer's power, you can sometimes lure some of them on the battleground of your choice... which proved to be useful here

    Chaos is a great spell to find some opponents ranks when they come in a pack. Against a pack of foes including 4 or more people, it can be more efficient than any basic summon for damage purpose... but not for decoy purpose, as the reactions of the foes becomes impredictable... so better stay hidden during its effect if what you intend to do is a perfect victory

    Neera's wild magic corner

    "Hi! This is Neera!
    Welcome to my first wild magic trivia!

    At each episode I'll try to come with a little question about Wild Magic, and only provide the right answer to the next espiode... will you guess the good answer each time?

    So, here is my first queston for you wild magic lovers: When Wild Surge produce a double effect, that one effect cancel the spell and the other effect allows the spell to work, does the spell ends to be successfuly cast or not?

    Winners will gain a candy!
    See you next time!"

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  • MoonheartMoonheart Member Posts: 520
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    Chapter 2 - part 3: Treasure hunt

    Now that I have a (wild) mage to help me, I'm feeling a bit more confident about the future.
    Alas, Neera is not ready yet to follow my most complex strategies, and we need a lot of gold to pay the Shadow Thieves.

    So we need to do a bit of adventuring first, and to start some interesting action, what is better than to visit the local tavern?

    In the Copper Coronet, we meet a lot of interesting people, including a woman named Hexxat which speaks us of a treasure buried in the graveyard.
    I do feel something fishy there. A treasure usualy don't stay long inside the wall of a city... but Hexxat doesn't seems to be much a threat, and I prefer something fishy coming from a weakling than coming from a powerful character.

    Neverless, we follow her to the Dragomyr's tomb which is full of... well who would have gussed it? undeads.

    The most annoying one are vampires, which kills Neera's summons pretty fast, forcing us to progress very carefuly. A good thing that I can scout everything from a distance, because Hexxat proove to be the unuseful girl I expected her to be.
    And we finaly reach the lord of the place... Dragomyr himself.

    Feeling that the usual summons would not be sufficient, I asked to Neera to use Nahal's Reckless Deomer to summon Mordenkanein's Swords, since she's not experienced enough to summon them normaly... and out of 5 tries, she successfuly summon two without making more than turning herself to a guy. A guy with pink hair... geez
    But that's far better that how it could have ended by asking Neera to dig in the depth of Wild Magic

    Anyway, with that help of that kind of summon, even a vampire lord is not a problem anymore, and we have the pleasure to discover that I was true about the "fishy" part of this little dungeon hunt when we discovered that our little companion was just a servant of another vampire and ended as a food for her once her task to free her mistress was completed

    Trying to turn this adventure into something else than a complete mess, we accepted to follow her in two other graves for the benefit of her employer, hoping to find some valuable treasures in it.
    It almost turned sour when, hearing the guardians of the second one talk of "being on the underdark that devour brains"... which cannot fit any other kind of creature than mindflayers

    Alas, regular summons would have not deal well against those oen too, so I asked Neera to summon some other Mordenkanein's Sword to deal with them... I felt realy lucky whan Neera succeeded to summon three of them, and discovered a scroll of Project Image in her pocket after one of the Wild Surges

    ~~~ Wild Magic Score ~~~
    Deaths: 1
    Helps: 1

    Anywar, as vampires, Mindflayers are those kind of creatures which prove really dangerous for humanoids, but not much for magicaly controled constructs, and are quickly dispatched by our little blades.

    Everything else ends quickly overcome with usualy summons and backstabs.

    Areen's strategy corner

    Mordenkanein's Sword is probably the most powerful summon for anyone who have some strategical knowledge and is going to become part of most of our strategies once Neera is trained enough to cast them "reliably"

    It is pretty immune to anything safe magical damage and death spell, meaning that we only have to prevent mages to do what they want to have a perfect summon slaying all the opponents for us

    Neera's wild magic corner

    "Hi! This is Neera again!

    Did you find the answer of the last trivia?
    Here is it: When a Wild Surge rolls on a "multiple effect", if any of the effect says that it cast the spell normaly, the spell will go off, and the replacement effects will happen in addition to it, and not as "replacement".

    How many of you have guessed right?
    No, you wild mages don't count!

    Anyway, here is the new trivia for you:
    Can a Wild Surge happen if you try to cast a spell at a target, and this target becomes invisible, interrupting your casting before the end?

    Good luck to everyone!

  • MoonheartMoonheart Member Posts: 520
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    Chapter 2 - part 4: More treasure hunt

    We said goodbye to Hexxat. Since she has nothing to offer that I can't do better, and plus... seriously, who could trust a woman who litteraly ate her most devoted follower under our eyes without a glimpse of remose?

    I need people I can trust, not bloodthristy people with no sense of loyalty, so I'll stick with my pink mage, who turned back to a girl since a few more tavern and in one, a group of nasty adventurer turns hostile toward us... which force me to have them to learn some politeness.
    Good point, one was wearing an enchanted cloak that Neera identified as the Cloak of Whispers, something that will help me to not get bothered by True Sight anymore

    Not knowing what to do better, we decided to pay a visit to the contact Bayle gave us... which in turn directed us to someone else, which in turn asked us to hunt a man named Valygar... guess it is to much to ask to make things simple, no?

    Anyway, Valygar was not hard to find, which shows the degree of incompetence of the Cowled Wizards, and like with Hexxat, ends to be a very different story that the one who have been told about.
    After hearing it, we decide to help him to defeat his ancestor, not only because that kind of thing should not be left wandering freely, but also because mad wizards always tend to store magical items of some value

    The place is crowded with several kind of enemies, including a very annoying kind: Clay Golems.
    Those things cannot be harmed by our summons, and I have to use them as simple decoys while I hit them in the back with a staff I found in the tombs earlier

    At some point, golems change of nature, and I ask Neera to summon a Mordenkainen's Sword once again to gain some time.

    ... bad idea, perhaps I should stay patient, or I will have no hair left on my head.

    ~~~ Wild Magic Score ~~~
    Deaths: 1
    Wounds: 1
    Helps: 1

    Anyway, anything else is more a formality with the usual tactics, and we finaly get back with enough trinkets to satisfy Bayle and buy a few useful items... like a belt enhancing my strength and .

    It's probably time to get back to the Shadow Thieves, since I don't plan to discuss business with other vampires

    Areen's strategy corner

    It is rare than the Mordenkanein's Sword cannot damage an enemy, but this summon is so resilient that it can be just used to tank things while I land some backstabs, so it's almost always an advantage to summon one.

    But I'll refrain myself until Neera can summon them the regular way.

    Neera's wild magic corner

    "Neera is back!

    Did you find the answer of the last trivia?
    I'll give it to you now: No, when a spell is interrupted during its casting phase, by damage, silence, invisibility or just having their target dying before, a wild surge can't happen. Wild Surges only triggers when a spell cast is completed.

    That's why Areen tells me that he will knock me unconscious if he see me start casting anything without his direction... geez, can you believe how mean he is to me?

    Anyway, let's go for another question about wild magic:
    Can Nahal's Reckless Deowmer truly replicate any spell you know?

    XOXO, Neera"

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  • MoonheartMoonheart Member Posts: 520
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    Chapter 3 - part 1: Shady Business

    Everything that should be simple often ends to be more complicated than things people presented you as complicated from the beginning.

    As soon our fee to the Shadow Thieves paid, we learned that we were going to need to take down the guild opposing to them by our own hands. As if we didn't saw enough hostile vampires recently...
    Anyway, Neera and I don't like Bodhi and her little crows much. We have witnessed too much of their doings: killing, brainwashing, and they even dared to threat us... bad idea, really bad idea.

    But as we get ready for the task, something had caught my attention: A shadowmaster of the thieves guild requiered our help to... well, cut a branch of the guild itself.
    What to say about that? We gain appreciation from the shadow thieves, money, and we prove useful to the people of this town by killing a good amont of cutpurses in the process?

    I decided it was worth a try. Anyway, it was nightime, and I don't assault vampire lairs at night if I can avoid it.

    There was many mundane tasks involved into this, but only one caused us a bit of difficulty: we were sent to kill a Cowled Wizard (which bunkered in his house, itself guarded by several magic minions.
    Problem is: as soon we entered the house, I saw that there wasn't a single spot where Neera could safely do her summoning work.

    So... what to do? I don't intend to have Neera or me suffer any wound. We need to reach Irenicus and Imoen in perfect condition.

    The only way I saw to solve this was to play once again to hide and seek. Alas, this time, I'm not bringing foes from a place where Cowled Wizards could arrest us, to a place where we could use magic freely, but the reverse way... which means... yup... I'm going to need to buy Neera a magic license after all.

    Come to think of it, I'm perhaps too judgemental about Cowled Wizards. They are not as much evil as they are stupid. They just sold to us a licence to kill on of their members.
    Can't help but smile at the thought.

    Anyway, I return to the house and use my shadow abilities to bring all the mephit pack outside, rignt in the pack of summons Neera prepared at the front of the house.
    Problem solved, with the first floor as a safe spot, I can easily lure the golems of the 2th to the new pack of summon, and we finaly reach the mage on the 3rd.

    Mage which is stupid enough to let us a few second to prepare in front of him... Seconds that I clearly intend to use to proove that prides kills.

    ... and this is with this thought that on a Nahal's Reckless Dweomer, Neera suddently summon not one, but litteraly THREE Mordkenainen's Sword at once.
    Oh, I regret so much to have lacked time to look at the face of the Cowled Wizard when he saw that... but the battle started immediatly after that, and ended in a perfect victory after Neera hammered him with Fireballs while her summon harassed him.

    ~~~ Wild Magic Score ~~~
    Deaths: 1
    Wounds: 1
    Helps: 2

    Anyway, we cleared the branch of the Shadow Thieves quite easily after than, and Neera's magic was also quite compliant to help us to clear Bhodi's lair.

    Damn, I wish everyday could be like that!

    Areen's strategy corner

    In addtion to Mordenkanein's Sword, Fireball help to speed fights because they can be targetted at corners, hitting the foes without giving them a line of sight on the mage.

    Simply using those two spells, most of encounters ends as a piece of cake. Most problems are due to poor battlefield configurations which force me to act as a decoy from time to time... but anything can happen on a battlefield, and I don't expect to solve everything like that.

    Neera's wild magic corner

    "My turn! My turn!

    Geez, Areen why are you always speaking so seriouly?
    Anyway, I'm giving the answer of my previous trivia: No, Nahal's Reckless Dweomer can't replicate all the spells. Alas for me, it does not work with Sequencers, Contingencies, and with the Identifiy spell. Anything else is good.

    Now, for my new question... mmm... what about this:
    If a Wild Surge produce multiple rolls, one being a fireball replacement and one a normal cast of my summoning spell... which of the two will happen first? Will the summoned monster be hit by the fireball?

    Next time, the answer will be a screenshot, keep your eyes open!

    Kisses, Neera"

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  • MoonheartMoonheart Member Posts: 520
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    Chapter 4 - part 1: Jailbreak

    we take the boat to reach Spellhold Island, which is more or less a quiet travel, if we exclude the vampire ambush once at destination. Not that it matter much since I can flee into the shadow and that I always order Neera to stay a good length behind me so the ennemies can't spot her before I send her the signal to make her know that the path is safe.

    The island itself seems to be in the hands of pirates, who are not even worthy opponents. I had to sneak into a courtesan house to rescue a poor girl named Claire, jailed and tortured only for having wished to control her own fate and holding important informations that we need to rescue Imoen... which are two good reason for us to kick some butt.

    The only noticeable thing that stood in our path was the mage the house mistress hired for her protection.
    Who cares? I had Neera summon another Mordenkanein's Sword with Nahal's Reckless Dweomer for... Wait? What was that?

    Suddently, Neera's magic completely screw up, and the target of the summon change immediatly for... who?
    Where did this damned sword go?!?

    A chill pass through my spine when I hear the death scream of Claire as the newly summoned sword slay her into her cell!!!

    ~~~ Wild Magic Score ~~~
    WTF?!?: 1
    Deaths: 1
    Wounds: 1
    Helps: 2

    I stand, dizzy, and wake up from this nightmare. What was it? Some kind this illusion?
    The consequence of the Neera's wild surge?
    I shiver thinking that those thing could truly happen.

    Anyway, as Neera's wild surge ends, I'm surprised that for once, it turned truly good: Neera managed to summon 2 swords and a copy of herself at the same time.
    The battle ends to be a piece of cake with that, but I still get cold shivers from that horrific vision I had earlier.

    ~~~ Wild Magic Score ~~~
    WTF?!?: 1
    Deaths: 1
    Wounds: 1
    Helps: 3

    With the help of Claire and her contact, we finaly find a way to enter Spellhold, only to fall in a trap of Irenicus.
    I can't believe I felt for that twice! I must be growing old to not have forseen such a plan.

    Anyway, I just made things worst for me, but recovered Imoen, that I immediatly send to safety. She's not in state to take part of battles, so better to send her to Jaheira while I track down Irenicus... but first, I need to take on Bhodi's gauntlet.

    Inside of it, we find a strange portal, summoning some strong foes, and after an unsuccessful attempt to take down a Greater Werewolf with regular summons, I ask Neera to use once more the Nahal's Dweomer...

    I spread my eyes open when Neera indeed summon not one, but two Mordenkanein's Swords.... but at the same time create a Fireball that immediatly explode near us

    The swords slay her in automated reaction before I can stop them, and I am forced to use one of those resurrection items I had the common sense to buy before we left the continent.
    Yes, you know... I'm traveling with a wild mage, so I planned some little thing to... well, help her to recover from her own mess.

    ~~~ Wild Magic Score ~~~
    WTF?!?: 1
    Deaths: 2
    Wounds: 1
    Helps: 3

    In the gauntlet, we also found a ring protecting against alteration of movement, and I made Neera wear it, since I know from experience that sometime, she ends frozen after a wild surge, like if she was hit by a Hold Person spell... this could help someday

    At the end, we succesfuly made our way back to Irenicus' laboratory, after have gathered the help of locals.
    You know... mad mages tends to accumulate ennemies, so better make a good use of that, especialy since most of them are mages themselves.

    And what to ask more? Neera finaly grow enough mastery to summon Mordenkanein's Swords or Project Image without the help of Nahal's Dweomer! I made her prepare one of each.

    As the fight start, I have Neera and myself hide in a corner of the room while our allies start to draw attention to Irenicus, and ask Neera to send summons as reinforcements... I means: standard summons. I don't wish her to have a wild surge right now!

    I make Neera cast Invisibility on herself again, then wait for the results.
    Irenicus finaly flees using portal magic. I've bet he would do, but I had to take the chance.
    If I want him dead, I'll have to fight him in a place or time he can't afford to retreat.

    Anyway, we suddently notice the present of hidden assassins in the shadows. And I notice they are people of my kind: patience and strategic.
    They remain hidden, ignoring Neera's summon, ready to backstab us as soon we will get out of cover.

    Fine. But at that kind of game, I'm still better.

    I lure them in a corner, near an exit point, and then ask Neera to summon a Project Image, that those bastard keep ignoring... but this time I counted on it: I ask Neera to order her projection to cast Chaos on the corridor!

    Confused, the assassins start to attack randomly the image and their allies, blowing their cover.
    And you guess the end: We slaugther them, and earn our way out of Spellhold once for all.

    Behind the scene

    The death of Claire made me completly panic and I had hit the reload button before I thought to take a screenshot.

    That was probably the most terrifying wild surge I saw. It made me lost 4 points of reputation in one strike, turned half of the town against me, and completly make me lost way of how complete the main quest (how find the needed informations once Claire is dead???)

    Well... that's Wild Mages for you :)

    Areen's strategy corner

    Irenicus' assassins were a huge challenge in terms of strategy to prevent us to earn a single flesh wound from them.

    I thought that I would never succeed to find a way to keep us safe, since they kept following us close from the shadows, preventing Neera to aim Fireball at them, and staying safe from any summon.
    Anyway, this is in those time of need you need to think fast and improvise intelligently, and I'm proud of the solution I found for that situation.

    Naturaly, I also plan to find a scroll of True Sight for Neera as soon as possible. I just didn't had any opportunity to do it before that event.

    Neera's wild magic corner

    "Hello, hello!

    Did you notice the answer of the previous trivia in Areen's story?
    Yup, in fact, when a "multiple surge" happen, every spell is cast at the same time, but Fireball replacement has like a 0.1s of travel time that make its explosion hit the summons anyway.

    As a result, I was slain by my own summons!! ... and then Areen resurrected me and gave me a hard spank!
    I told you, he's a meanie... even if I take his anger as a proof he worries about me.

    Anyway, here is my new trivia about wild magic:
    When a summon spell has its target changed by a wild surge, what does truly happen?
    Tip: Areen's stories already gave you all the keys to answer that!

    See you next time, sweeties!"

  • MoonheartMoonheart Member Posts: 520
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    Alas, due to following a very bad advice when trying to update the game on my android device, I lost ALL my saves without any hope of recovery.
    This means I will not be able to continue this playthrough

    I could eventualy decide to restart it from scratch, when I'll have get over the huge loss that occured.
    The only thing that cheer me up a bit is that I managed to complete my Children of Fire playthrough before it happened... :(

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